Full package purchase/aviability


i am thinking about purchasing the all cards offer, about the start of next month, any information on how long the offer will be aviable? I did not find anything on a deadline, but by experience from other games, such offers usualy have one or?

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I believe it will stay available at least until they make a new set of cards.

I did buy it, many other didn’t, everyone enjoy the game. It is just quicker to get to a competitive level if you buy the whole collection.

I have never heard about a deadline, I havn’t heard they we’re thinking about removing this option.

Thanks, about the reasons to buy, mostly because 50,- is the sum i spend on F2P games i really enjoy anyway, to support the devs.

Yes, People that spend on f2p games is what makes them stay alive!

That plus, i find it logical, i would pay about the same for a tripple A game too, but upfront, advantage of F2P is you can play as much as you want and make an educated decision on your purchase ^^