Full Servers

I’ve had some problems with full servers, which prevents me from playing. I understand that you guys are probably adjusting to the influx of players, but at least add a que function, so I don’t have to sit and spam “login” to get into the game without any indication about when I’m going to get in. Thank you.


I got kicked out of my game and now It’s doing the same to me, I find it slightly unfair if this isn’t server issues, I was kicked out of the game to accommodate other players. I hope it’s just server inconsistency.


I had the same issue . The end of my game froze and as a result had to exit, upon logging back in it said “servers full”. If you are quite low level and new to the game you will be kicked first to relieve servers :frowning:

Yea, I have same problem, just posted about it before I noticed this topic! lol

Frustrating being unable to play, but I guess there is probably a learning curve going on for the Devs as regards server capacity, I just hope that they can sort this potential issue before it gets any worse!

Delightful news. What could be better than buying another server for a new audience. :slight_smile: