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Tier Explanation
S Excellent.
A Very strong.
B Strong.
C Average. Worth including in some decks.
D Weak. Only worth playing for fun.
+/- Indicates small differences in rank. Plus is better and minus is worse.


Tier Card Name
S Azure Skywhale
S Outland Ranger
S Syland Horsemaster
A+ Maceman
A The Emperor’s Command
A- Time of Legends
B+ Falcon Dive
B+ Queen’s Guard
B Village Elder
B Wandering Monk
B King’s Guard
B Radiance, Imperial Airship
B Goki, Friendly Miner (in co-op)
B Divine Guardian
B Imperial Drain
B Crystal Flower
B- Campfire
B- Balloon Fish
B- Steamforge Enforcer
B- Farm Boy
B- Yakkapult
B- King’s Faithful
B- Daring Adventurer
C+ Court Jester
C+ War Yak
C+ Yak Attack
C+ Royal Judge
C+ Healing Song
C+ Safeguard
C+ Punishment
C+ Rebel Slinger
C+ Hold the Line!
C+ Rebel Glider
C+ Magnus, King of Meroval
C Emperor Kaios
C Monkey Genius
C Plague Bearer
C Master Swordsman
C Queen’s Assassin
C Tax Collector
C Prairie Yak
C Storyteller
C Imperial Guard
C Long-horned Yak
C Queen’s Favorite
C Intrepid Explorer
C Unlikely Hero
C Imperial Engineer
C Cartographer
C- Wisdom
C- Famine
C- Steam Forge
C- Freedom Fighter
C- Defender of the Homeland
D+ Syland Warrior
D+ Baron Thulgar
D+ Magda, Queen of Meroval
D+ Siege Engine
D Cutthroat Bandit
D Shimmering Statue
D Walking Fortress
D Hilltop Archer
D Hunted Outlaw
D Fortune Hunter
D Sharra, Dragonslayer
D Goki, Friendly Miner (in 1 vs 1)
D Day of the Dragons


Tier Card Name
S Earthcraft
S Thyrian Golem
S Sagami Grovecaller
S Elderwood Embrace
S Ruunin the Relentless
A Wood Elemental
A Verduran Force
A Bone Collector
A Ruunin’s Guidance
A Deepwood Stalker
A- Grove Guardian
A- Living Willow
A- Feed the Forest
B+ Tiki Caretaker
B+ Sagami Warrior
B Ancient Boar
B Voice of Truth
B Bloomsprite
B Deepwood Grizzly
B Tiki Piper
B Elderwood Hermit
B Tethra, Soul of the Wild
B Ruunin’s Messenger
B Ruunin’s Shrine
B Gift of the Rakoa
B- Overgrown Tower
B- Oakling
B- Oak Father
B- Flowersilk Faerie
B- Seed of Paradise
B- Feral Kodama
C+ Eredon, Voice of All
C Ancient Beastmaster
C Seed Sower
C Tiki Totem
C Primeval Colossus
C Wild Avenger
C God Hunter
C- Vine Wall
C- Soulbound Sagami
C- Tiki Healer
C- Possessed Ursus
C- Voice of Hunger
D+ Seedling
D+ Faeria Tree
D Everbloom Wisp
D Gaea’s Grace
D Tiki Chieftain
D The Tree of Everlife
D Ruunin’s Presence
D Weeping Idol
D Tarum, the Forest World


Tier Card Name
S Aurora, Myth Maker
S Mirror Phantasm
S Water Elemental
S Battle Toads
A+ Frogify
A+ Wavecrash Colossus
A Mystic Beast
A Triton Warrior
A Gabrian Archon
A Fugoro, Merchant of Wonders
B+ Gabrian Enchantment
B+ Dream Reaver
B+ Forbidden Library
B Gabrian Enchantress
B Sunken Tower
B Sturdy Shell
B Ancient Herald
B Spring Mochi
B Aurora’s Creation
B Failed Experiment
B- Curious Biomancer
B- Gabrian Commander
B- Ninja Toad
B- Shifting Tide
B- Prophet of Tides
B- Aurora’s Disciple
B- Leaping Fugu
B Baeru, the First Wave
C+ Spellwhirl
C+ Lore Thief
C+ Dark Stalker
C+ Windfall
C+ Aurora’s Trick
C Triton Trainer
C Triton Banquet
C Tyranax
C Snowstorm Lancer
C Gabrian Warden
C Stormspawn
C Luduan
C Triton Chef
C Orosei, Dream of the Deep
C- Triton Sanctuary
C- Humbling Vision
C- Wavecrafter
C- Gemsilk Faerie
D+ Gabrian Noble
D+ Azure Wisp
D+ Triton Diver
D+ Ruby Fish
D+ Gabrian Cistern
D+ Illusion of Grandeur
D+ Tale of the Old Turtle
D Aurora’s Dream
D Egg of Wonders


Tier Card Name
S Axe Grinder
S Flame Burst
S Seifer’s Wrath
S Seifer, Blood Tyrant
S Groundshaker
S Underground Brigand
S Gift of Steel
A+ Garudan, Heart of the Mountain
A Bomb Slinger
A Firestorm
B+ Grim Guard
B+ Underground Boss
B+ Shedim Brute
B Derelict Tower
B Rakoan Reveller
B Crumbling Golem
B- Grappling Hook
B- Hellfire
B- Blood Singer
B- Kobold Warbeast
B- Fire Elemental
C+ Herald of War
C+ Volcanic Colossus
C+ Firebomb
C+ Flame Spitter
C+ Ogre Battler
C+ Red Devil
C+ Cap-10, Sky Pirate
C Blood Song
C Firebringer
C Shedim Pest
C Kobold Barracks
C Seifer’s Fodder
C Hate Seed
C Bold Bargainer
C Ogre Dance
C Devouring Plant
C Bloodstone Sprite
C Lord of Terror
C Ignus, the First Flame
C- Bloodfire Wisp
C- Barbarian Ogre
C- Kobold Warlord
C- Blazing Salamander
C- Flame Thrower
C- Krog’s Dinner
D+ Cannon Carrier
D+ Boulder Thrower
D+ Battle Rager
D Krog, the Ogre King
D Architect
D Flamesilk Faerie
D Meteor


Tier Card Name
S Soul Drain
S Wind Soldier
S Shaytan Demon
S Khalim’s Prayer
S Manta Rider
S Flash Wind
A+ Windstorm Colossus
A+ Khalim’s Training
A Oradrim Monk
A Windstorm Charger
A Khalim’s Follower
A Oradrim Fanatic
A Iona’s Smile
A- Choking Sand
B+ Zealous Crusader
B+ Mistral Guide
B+ Khalim, Sky Prodigy
B+ Demon Wrangler
B Last Nightmare
B Celestial Tower
B Windborne Emissary
B Flash Salmon
B Shaytan Assassin
B- Windstorm Archer
B- Wind Gate
B- Oradrim Templar
B- Air Elemental
B- Lord of the Wastes
B- Soul Pact
B- Istanu, Eternal Light
C+ Drakkar Skycaptain
C+ Oradrim Sagittarius
C+ Annoying Gnat
C+ Shaytan Monstrosity
C Death Walker
C Deathwish Ghoul
C Oblivion Rider
C Demon Wing
C Windborne Champion
C Golden Aviary
C- Oath to Oblivion
C- Doomsday
C- Dune Drake
C- Khalim’s Skyguard
D+ Shaytan Scavenger
D+ Keldran Soldier
D+ Sunsilk Faerie
D+ Desert Twister
D Malevolent Spirit
D Wind Wisp
D Altar of Souls
D Azarai, Wrath of the Desert
D Iona, Beloved by All
D Doomgate, Door to Oblivion
D Slaughtering Shadow


Tier Card Name
S Frog Tosser
S Sky Yak
A+ Crackthorn Beast
A+ Soul Eater
A+ Shifting Octopus
A Gemshell Tortoise
A- Scourgeflame Specter
B+ Oversky Towship
B- Sky Anemone
B- Twinsoul Spirit
B- Flight of the Mantas
C+ Rakoan Chieftain
C+ Emerald Salamander
C Skyward Swordfish
C Dream Keeper
C Ulani, Oversky Shaman
D+ Three Wishes
D+ Apex Predator
D Icerock Behemoth
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