Future new cards be craftable, or in packs?

I’ve hunted for an answer to this, but apologies if I missed it:

Will the 30 ‘lootable’ expansion cards in the Adventure Pouch also be available to craft, or be found randomly in packs alongside the base cards?

While I am not entirely sure. I think that they will only be available from the co-op campaign. Which can be bought with gold if you don’t want to spend money.

Hmm. If that is so, then presumably they will not all be legendaries… which means there will probably be 3 of each one draftable per card… will we get all 3 together when you we unlock it? Or could 30 cards mean 10 different cards x3?

I hope we get an official clarification before the pre-order window closes.

The “30” will mean 30 new cards, not 3x 10 :D.

And like FaeDragon said before they will only be available through the campaign. There was a Faeria Friday post when it was revealed that the expansion will contain new cards and in there they say that the campaign will consist of 6 quest packs which will give you the new cards as rewards for completing each stage. That means each time you earn the cards as a reward, I expect the reward will be a full playset, so 3 of each card or 1 for any Legends. Presumably once you have unlocked them you will be able to craft Mythic versions but won’t be able to disenchant them, similar to the starter cards earned through the current Solo Missions.