G/Y deck looking for suggestions

Yo! I’m kinda new, and I’ve been testing a lot of decks to sort out what I’m into the most. Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun and some sucess with this G/Y I patched up, so I’d like to hear your opinions about it:

2 Village elders

2 Feed the forest
3 Bone collectors
2 Earthcraft
2 Elderwood Hermit
3 Oakling
1 Runnin the Relentless
1 Tethra, Soul of the wild

3 Soul Drain
2 Shaytan Assassins
3 Wind Soldiers
1 Khalim, Sky Prodigy
2 Last Nightmares

3 Soul Eaters.

So, my idea on this deck is to kind of taking what I find better in both Green and Yellow decks and put into practice as balanced as I could.
I think green’s best attribute are the powerful creatures(tethra, ruuning) and buffs(pretty much all others xD), and yellows I get some removal(soul drain, LN, wind soldier, and even shaytan assasin to an extent).
To try to cover for some possible faeria problems I ran feed the forest, and to get some draw power the village elder and earthcraft.

So ye, my game plan has been starting a bit passive farming my wells, but sooner rather than later going agressive, since my mobs dying pretty much means at the very least buffs to my soul eaters and possibly bone collectors.

So far I think I had the most trouble with red/yellow burn. Altho that might be my lack of experience on how to deal with that deck, since I find myself losing most matches vs that.
Also, obviously, if my starting hand isn’t the best and I get hit by a rush deck I usually can’t handle, but still I do a lot better than vs red burn.

So, what do you guys think about it?

Thanks in advance for any kind of advice.

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Pretty balanced deck.
Indeed, burn are troublesome for sacrifice decks, especially when they get a terrible Blood Singer in their starting hand (or worse, 2 of them, you can auto concede -.-"). Well, either you accept to forfeit this matchup, or you can add 1 or 2 Ruunin’s Command for the heal (2 is better if you go this way).

Also, have you tried Yak Attack ? That’s a good addition in this deck I think (3 creatures in a card to bull Soul Eaters and Bone Collectors, and some burst damage, but even more vulnerable to Blood Singers though).
I know it’s not easy to choose between Hermit, Tiki and Bloomsprite, but have you tried the latter two as well ? I find especially Bloomsprite doing a good job personnally, and a Tiki can do a suprise buff to get a trade (well, you still have Soul Drain and Wind Soldier for that, though).

Apart from that, you’re quite on the mark, playing passive works pretty well in most of the cases (especially vs rush, where you’ll just go to your 2 wells and drop a Soul Eater for the offensive, but you should go for a midrange approach against other matchups (midrange, burn, 3w), meaning you’ll build towards one side to pressure your opponent more as well as set-up a double farming if possible. That deck has the potential to contest wells, and Bone collectors gain from being close to the fights. Midrange approach works especially well with Khalim as you can use it for a double farming on one side, and fight for the domination of the other side at the same time (Khalim, broken ? noooo ! ^^)

Thanks for the reply!

I will try out Ruunin’s Command, sounds like it might just give me the time to survive and ramp up enough to beat up those damn burns! :slight_smile: What I’m wondering now is what will I forfeit in the deck to make room for those two card.
I’m thinking maybe the Hermit? That kinda sucks since I wanted ot try out the Tiki or Bloosprite in its place as you suggested, but I’m not seeing other cards I could forfeit to make room for ruunin’s command. mmm maybe village elder and trade hermit for bloomspirte.

As for Yak Attack, yes, I never thought of it and sure it sounds great ! I will try it out as well.

And yes, when I get an early Khalim the same usualy goes a lot smoother xP pretty under powered card :,( hehe

Thanks again, I’ll update this later.

I feel your pain ! I want 3 Hermits, 3 Caretakers and 3 Bloomsprites ! but there’s no place for all :frowning:

I really like Foxclear’s suggestion about Yak Attack :slight_smile:
I would rather cut earthcrafts and village elders than hermits/tiki/bloomsprite, but then again, I have little experience with such a deck :slight_smile:
What about Deathwalker? Isnt that a superstrong card for this deck? Maybe use it instead of Tethra? Tethra is nice, but so expensive!

Mine is a version without Feed the Forest/Oakling/Ruunin (theyre pretty much good only together, which I feel a bit sad)
I play DeathWalkers instead of Last Nightmares, and still running Tethra (so value !). For the record, I play with Deathwish Ghouls as well (so I have some faeria to spare for Tethra), and still one or 2 Earthcrafts (to accelerate a bit the land placement, but I’m not sure it’s needed at all since the deck is slow), and 2 Ruunin Command because f*ck burn :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t remember the numbers of each of them, though. If it gives you ideas …

By the way, if you’re playing a Feed the Forest version, have you tried to put Eredon in ? Might be even better than Ruunin :slight_smile:

As for Village Elders, I think they’re needed for a smoother starting hand (hard to double harvest when you have a creature of each color with 2 land requirements, Village Elder helps for that), as well as getting enough cards to be able to avoid drawing.

But that deck is really fun and interesting to play, the buff on Soul Eater was the best balancing they’ve ever done :slight_smile: