Gabrian Archon+Swallow

If gabrian archon gets swallowed, and then the 2nd 7+ cost card gets played he does not get the +2/+2 after released.

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I believe this is intentional. From the FAQ

Which makes swallow slightly stronger, I guess. No negative effects happen either, though.

Well. But the condition is still fulfilled after he is released so he should grow afterwards. The condition is to have played 2 7 cost cards. It does not gain the stats but actually has them (exact wording on the card).

I’m not sure of the right terminology, but there’s often an implied “while in your deck, hand, or on the board (excluding being swallowed)”. Unfortunately, the cards don’t often have enough space to describe them in a way that covers all the edge cases - IMHO keywords might help. (I mean, technically semantically I’ve probably played 1000s of 7 cost cards by now so all my Archons should start out as 6/6 :slight_smile:).

For example, Wild Avenger starts at 5/5 when it’s generated (from 3 Wishes or Bloomsprite or something) even if you’ve been attacked lots before that.

Unfortunately that’s not always the case IIRC - I think Dark Stalker still costs 1 if it was generated after the event was played. And Windstorm Collossi get earlier event discounts when you play 3 Wishes (I’m actually not sure if this is from your events or just copying their current faeria cost in your opponent’s hand and subtracting 3).

Sigh…more incosistancy. But yeah, you have a point.