Game crash before login

After patch my game client crash every time before login.

I can’t upload crash files here bcoz it’s not supported format. What Am I supposed to do/who should i contact to send crash report?

I apologize to hear that @Jarlaxe this is known to be happening to a few people right now. May I ask what device you are playing Faeria on?

I’m playing on PC.

Windows 7 64bit
Intel Core i7-2700K and Intel HD integrated graphic card, 8GB Ram. Nothing special but before update it was running fine without hickups.

I could post crash log but its very long and i can’t publish files here

I fixed the problem so someone can close this topic.

If anyone ever get same problem as i did - here is simple solution:

Go to Steam, find Faeria game in game library, right click, settings -> local data -> check if files are correct.

After check it gave error and started downloading 6 files - now its working fine again.

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