Game crashed when clicking in-game "Change card back" button

Right a moment ago I won a single player epic battle against Magda. She gave me a new epic card back as a reward - Dragon card back. When attempting to redeem this in-game reward and clicking in-game “Change card back” button in order to change my default card back into an epic one, the game instantly crashes, and this back-end message appears on the screen (screenshot attached) . My region is Russia. Please tell me what to do in this awkward situation, how to redeem my reward earned with sweat and blood? Thanks in advance for replying!

The same thing is happening for me on my MacBook Pro (english version of Faeria). Its been happening for the past few days consistently whenever I click the ‘card back’ tab in the user profile page.

I have the same issue. Error messag (Null Reference Exception…) when is try to change my card back. I play on PC

Same problem here. I play on PC.

Here too^^

Everywhere it seems :wink:

I got the same problem, i created a ticket last week but still no response.

Hi all, this should now be resolved. If you see this then please report it here.

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Thanks a lot, now it is alright