Game freeze and disconnection

Hi all,

I’d like to know if I’m the only one having to disconnect and reconnect now and then ; sometimes it disconnects while it’s my opponent turn so I don’t notice and I finally lose because of having missed or rushed an early turn…

Also, I just got disconnected while playing and when I came back, I wasn’t in a game anymore ; it was a pandora game, and it wasn’t registered as a loss either (it happened a few times already and each time it was registered as a loss).

Any idea what’s going on ?

Hi E11adan, here is a message from one of the Community Managers on Discord.

Atmaz - Today at 6:25 PM
We experienced a brief server outage due to a technical difficulty. We’ve rebooted our servers completely and there should be no further issues. Sorry for the disruption in your play.

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Ah ok ; thank you for sharing J0K3se.
That explains the last thing :wink: