Game Highlight- Foxclear v AlphaW - Monthly Cup qualifier

If you missed the Monthly Cup qualifier stream today, make sure to check out this game! It’s worth the watch, or at least I think so.

Foxclear v AlphaW: Game 2:

You can also find the entire broadcast here, if you’d like:

Great stream today, had a lot of fun. Thanks everyone. :rubyfish:


I made a few big mistakes in that game. Like, I see the right move, but after having done something else. Guess I was a bit overconfident in this game :confused:

Yet, my opponent played it greatly. Reminds me of my game with Yrush against Cappu which I won through his iron defense with move tricks, just like he did to me :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the highlight, very cool game!

What do you think you should have done here? Used Baeru to keep transforming lands? Monks, prayers, and crusaders make me sad :cry:.

I made many mistakes here : I should have chased his lands with Baeru, I should have traded the Crusader at all costs, because it was the only real way for him to win. I had counted that even if he had all the movement tricks, I was ok since he had 10 atk against my 12 HPs. But I should never have taken the risk to go under than 4 hp against potential WindSoldiers.
I was afraid he would WindSoldier me, and that’s why I kept blocking lines, but a single Windsoldier wasn’t enough. Even a Dune Drake blow was no problem. The crusader was the one to kill, and I missed it. The game was over since I let him an opportunity to throw in these 10 damage in my face

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Thanks for your post match analysis. Ya, probably would have been much better to remove crusader entirely. The initial Baeru move was great though.

Atmaz, you were really nice commentator during this qualifier. I hope u will comment more cup (solo or duo) in the future because your stream was really interesting, and i don’t think i am the only one thinking this ^^.

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One important thing to notice about the Baeru move : try to do it when your opponent can’t punish it at once.
I played it when my opponent was at 0f, so theorically, he could have used Prayer and +1f from wheel to drop a Last Nightmare, but that was very unlikely as he didn’t use Prayer the turn before after attacking. So, apart from a Prayer topdeck and a Last Nightmare already in his hand, it was safe.
Conversely, if you play rush against Blue and have a LN in hand (not sure if it was the case here), try to keep some resources to be able to play it any time your opponent has a possibility to throw Baeru (well, I admit that discounted Baeru was not easy to predict ^^)
Baeru is the threat that can completely wreck your game, but you could also catch some other troublesome creatures (Collossi, Archons …), so even if your opponent has no Baeru, that’s not a worthless move :slight_smile:

Thanks! I hope to be able to again soon. I love it. Often times it is difficult for the Monthly Cups as there’s a lot of managing to do, and I’d like to be able to focus on the games instead.

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Agreed, the commentary and insight by @Atmaz was brilliant.