Game is in a state of : broke . When is the next balance patch?

Sure, you could argue that there are several broken decks to choose from, but playing any of these particular decks against eachother, it is just a contest to see whose BS wins out before the others’. Skillful tactics and board strategy now definitely comes second to simply overpowered decks.

G/Y sacrifice, for example, is such monstrous BS, they are starting to include Radiance the Airship – that is how cheap their deck is. So now I can expect to see Radiance played at 11, 14 mana to save the day.

I guess that’s just how is.

until the next balance patch.

how long can we expect to wait for it…?

If there are several “broken” decks… doesnt it mean that none of them are broken?
I think it’s normal for a CCG or TCG to have strong combos. I mean that’s part of the game really find a combination of cards that is superior than other combinations.
If you want a game based on skillful tactics and board strategy with each player havin equal chances of winning would mean that each player has to have the same cards, e.g. play against the same deck.
Of course some decks win against other decks… rush wins against slow decks… jump wins against midrange… I dont know.

We will see what the next balance patch brings. I haven’t dienchanted any of my cards yet!

The top 2 monthly players didn’t play a G/Y sac deck at all in the Monthly cash tourney.

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=p I think I had just raged quit when I wrote that.

I managed to out-manuever a GY sacrifice deck, and had him dead on next turn,

… and then he pulled out an airship radiance and soul eater.

…also, part of my problem is that I can’t really break into God rank. -_-;;; stuck at 2-3

airship radiance at ELEVEN faeria, mind you