Game is repeatedly crashing... anyone else

whenever I surrender, whether it’s PVP or practice

or whenever I add or remove a friend request

immediately after these screens, the game crashes. it only just started happening today, but i don’t think i’ve missed any updates. is this happening to anyone else?

Do you have any crash logs to share?

What operating system are you using?

Unfortunately, I have no crash logs. It didn’t give me any. It would crash as If I’d just exited the game.
I’m on Windows 10. It was not crashing like this two or three days ago when I played last, so I thought something might’ve gotten corrupted on my computer. I completely reinstalled the game and my steam client and that seems to have fixed the problem

I am having the same issue. Crashes whenever I surrender, and it crashed after accepting a friend request.

If you are on steam, try backing up your games and reinstalling you stream client. That’s what I did and it seems to have worked