Game seriously needs overhaul

while the ideal is a strategy game, it’s really become more a matter of stacking BS vs BS and waiting to see who gets a better draw.

Either I win by playing and stacking BS, or I lose to BS, but less and less do I feel I am actually employing any strategy. There is less and less sense of satisfaction winning or losing.

very unfortunate that there is no comment on or anticipation of a balance patch, which should really prove an overhaul at this point.

I’m really disappointed because when I started playing, I was under the impression that there would be regular balancing.

looking forward to seeing the cup and deck lists.

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by the way, the blue/yellow pew pew deck that was featured by guy ?

Yeah, I used it to score god rank.

but it’s an incredibly BS deck.

it is.

IMO Faeria should schedule regular, consitent balancing on the same day every month (ideally on the ladder reset day), so that players will have have confidence that there is continuous improvement occurring.
Something like top 3 cards nerfed, bottom 5 least-used cards buffed every month, like clockwork.

Hearthstone was that way too at the beginning. I think when the card pool is only so big, you can onyl have so many decks/combos. I believe it will improve as new mechanics and cards come out.

Actually I suspect the bigger and more complex the card pool becomes, the more chance there will be to seriously unhinge the balance with new cards. Also the older the game becomes, the more incentivised long-term players and the devs will be to want power creep. Extra Credits did two really interesting videos on these topics (regarding HS):
Future proofing ccgs
Power creep

I don’t know about the early days but didn’t Hearthstone mostly get more broken as time went on, and more and more cards became basically unplayable? I hope Faeria does not emulate HS model of only balancing through introducing somewhat OP future cards/combos and just shifting the meta from one OP formula to the next.

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I understand the idea, but the reality is that some designs shouldn’t be competitively costed and some designs can’t be competitively costed. I’d rather just have the devs focus there efforts on creating and testing new expansions, than trying to constantly come up with and test balance patches.

On Topic : I don’t think I understand what is meant by B.S. in this context. Still, always good to hear other people’s perspectives even if I don’t really understand.

I watched that video on power creep. It wasn’t good enough.

You basically need to move towards neutralizing all the cards so they’re all carrying the same value.

this way, all cards have value.

(no point in advertising ‘hundreds of cards’ if only a few dozen actually get used. )

dynamics need to be accurately measured and counted in to that value. ie Aurora’s +6/6 buff is worth considerably more than 4 mana. as a legendary that dynamic seems fine, but the value still needs to be accounted for in the faeria cost.

if you even everything out, and properly account for card dynamics in terms of value, then the game will boil down more and more to abstract strategy and practical tactics, (VS simply playing OP card dynamics against eachother.)

what am I apparently not understanding, that this seems so simple and obvious to me but no one else?

It was a response to BoogerKyle, to make the point you just made. If you read my posts again, I think you’ll find we’re broadly in agreement. To reiterate: I’d like regular, scheduled tweaking to the top and bottom cards until the usage evens out.

Somehow I ran across a video answering my question, from the author Zoat referred to:

…at this point, I can see and understand the logic behind ‘perfect imbalance’ and ‘evolving meta’. …but I really don’t like it. Doesn’t this just evolve into a rock-paper-scissors dynamic, in the end?

I guess, then, it is a matter of taste and philosophy, which game design you should follow… ‘perfect imbalance’, or, ‘balance’.

I’d personally choose balance, because I think that emphasizes the actual use of STRATEGY played out on the board, as opposed to a small variety of OP dynamics and hard counters playing themselves out over and over again, whilst the majority of available cards are rendered obsolete.

but I guess it’s not my game. At least I understand now, though.

I totally agree.
I just watch some of video from Luuu :
The games are really short.
When I first play Faeria, like one year ago, each game were really longer.
I don’t mind, I understand that player base want a fastest game (because HS, …) and play more games in the same amount of time. But comon, now it’s either 5min game or 20min. No between.
So yeah I agree on the rush/better draw, it’s not funny and it made me quit.