Game state is not saved between machines

I’ve already posted this on Reddit, but I’m posting here as well to improve visibility.

I’ve been enjoying Faeria since last week-end, it’s an amazing game. One thing I didn’t like though, is that game state doesn’t seem to be saved between different computers.

I thought I’d install Faeria on my mac, so that I could play during my lunch break. I’ve already unlocked the green, red and blue starter decks on my PC, and when I logged in on my mac, the game made me redo the whole “let’s see how you can create a deck” tutorial. This morning, it believed I just received a new card and made me add it to a current deck.

It’s pretty infuriating as I just cannot ignore these notifications and be on my way, I have to do these actions and then the game lets me play the way I want.

Anyways great game none the less. I hope the devs see this and find a way to fix it.

You could copy the values from the “prefs” file? although that might be more hassle than it’s worth.

Some values also might be platform-specific (resolution etc), so make sure to keep a backup if you try this.