Gameplay feedback

Hello !

First a little bit of background on myself. I’m a former MTG and Hearthstone player. I was a very capable Hearthstone player with multiple legend finishes. I love deckbuilding and control or combo decks although I also enjoy agro-control (a mix of removals and high quality not very costed creatures with effects that you try to not trade, instead using your removals to open the way.). I hate very aggressive (rush/face) types of decks. I find them unfun to play and very frustrating to face.

I have discovered Faeria by watching the Kripparian sponsored video (yes it works and it was a great idea to make him do a sponsored video). A few days ago I finally decided to give it a try. I first researched in depth the mechanics then I bought the game and the full collection straight away. It doesn’t seem that these forums and very frequented but I’m gonna post here because I don’t know of a better place. Excuse me for my writing mistakes english is my third language. Here are my thoughts on Faeria :slight_smile:

This game is great and formidable. It kinda remids me of a mix of chess and a strategic card game. I loved chess when I was younger and I still enjoy it even if I don’t have many occasions to play it these days. I also played strategy games including warcraft III so I like the micro and unit displacement features. Although Faeria is still in early access and not produced by a giant studio I can already say that this is an excellent game. Please do not make gods able to move around that would really screw up all the point of the board game in my opnion.

Concerning the UI I think that it’s pretty good but a way to constantly see the number of each type of lands controlled by each player would be useful. I have played a little bit of multicolored decks and it gets hard to keep track of every land with structures or creatures on them.

Also creature and structure cards could be differenciated more sharply to help the beginners immediatly see the difference.

I would be great to be able to browse at least your active deck while searching for a game, and even better if we had in built self deck tracker on the side while playing. I was always using hearthstone deck tracker and it was very helpful for playing extended periods of time without having to fully concentrate constantly.

Concerning card balance itself, I feel that overall it’s pretty good.

The fact that agro decks usually get lower faeria income and sometimes have to play less efficent neutral crads is great. in Hearthstone every agro deck would play the overpowered cards even the ones designed to counter agro (if it’s good enough to play against agro and doesn’t cost much to play then it’s probably very good in agro itself in Hearthstone). This was a huge annoyance to me so I really like the tradeoffs that players have to make in Faeria (stay back near your pools and have limited board control but be able to play more expensive and more colored cards VS rush and take a large part of the board at the price of lower quality cards).

Yellow agressive decks are very frustrating to play against I think that some nerfs to keep them in check would be appreciable. Yellow is a very versatile color with strong tempo or agro-control gameplay already it doesn’t need full rush options. I have left hearthstone because it is becoming more and more rush and RNG based and it’s as extremely frustrating to ladder. Please keep an eye on this issue.

There is no discard feature and limited control mechanisms compared to MTG (no deck or graveyard control) do you plan to implement more features of this type in the future ? I don’t think they are absolutly necessary but I could enjoy more variety. I love the three wishes cards the heal + card advantage really rewards playing a slow control game. The heal especially is really on point with the needs of a control deck (stabilize the game) I feel that the people who came with this idea are geniuses. I never felt like control decks are rewarded in any way in Hearthstone, on the contrary most of legendaries were useless pieces of garbage too expensive and not impactful enough to help you while most people try to rush you down. Legendaries fell strong and enjoyable to play with and against in Faeria that’s another strong point for Faeria.

I feel that there is a general lack of board clears. More options would be enjoyable (without making them OP). There are lots of possibilites maybe area targetted board clears/AOE effects like meteore but dealing some dmg or having another effect on one area only. Also a legendary board clear that is very expensive and very strong would be nice. it could be in red, yellow or blue and a lot of design choices are possible here outside of the boring deal dmg to stuff stereotype.

Some exemples : legendary board clears with 5 land of the type requirment.
Red boardclear “inferno” deal massive dmg to every creature and structure (both sides). Could be like 5 or 6 dmg.
Blue board clear “tsunami” turn all lands in a title and adjacent tiles into lakes and destroy every structures on them.

Also a card that I find too strong is apex predator. They can become really big and If the opponent doesn’t play blue or yellow it’s basically auto win (red has meteore but it’s so expensive and rarely played plus nobody plays 3 meteores to deal with 3 spaced apex predators). The jump is out of place in my opinion it should be a slow creature to compensate for the oversized stats (like the slow green huge creatures). [Edit : I realized that it isn’t even played that much although It has the highest possible reward of the double colored creatures cycle with 3 land of both types requirement]

Lastly a pure fantasy question, why aren’t there any angel type of creatures ? [Edit : found Iona maybe she is a good spirit ? :slight_smile:] Yellow seems to be more about decay/death/demons/flyers/cunning agression/ also some oriental and middle eastern features (monks and nomads in deserts). so there is no equivalent to the white color of MTG, and black is almost like the yellow here (not completly but there are demons and soul pacts in yellow so it’s pretty close)… It would be fun to see more good aligned creatures (but in which color ?)

One of my favorites creatures is Sharra, Dragonslayer (purging the world from these pesky dragons and other huge creatures haha she is really badass). But my favorite card had to be Three Wishes this is one of the reasons that decided me to finally buy the whole game.


Hello Vyr :slight_smile:

There is already an option that allows to see how many lands and which type are controlled by each player : you can check it in the settings when you are fighting an opponent (a gear icon just in the top right corner, then you will find the option in a list).

Hope it helped you :rubyfish:

Thank you ! Time for some Three Wishes rampage :slight_smile:

Hi Vyr!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for writing this, it was very enjoyable to read!
Glad you are having fun! I would also like hand-control (discard), maybe we can see it in the first expansion? :wink:

Good post, that’s some very detailed feedback.

Deck control cards would be a great addition. I’ve always enjoyed cards that let you manipulate your own or the opponents deck. Hopefully some will be added in the future.

I agree with you on yellow aggro and Apex Predator. Those cards could use rebalancing to make them less annoying to fight against.

I agree with you in regards of how I can hate aggro deck in Hearthstone and how here the tradeoffs make the game a lot more interesting (and how English is my third language too!)

Apex Predator seems overpowered. This mecanic reminds me “Graft” in MtG. I think Apex Predator could keep his stats or maybe upgrade in a 4/4 jump creature, but without being able to copy the stats of an opponent’s creature (just yours). It’s just strange when I put a 8/12 creature and my opponent respond with a 8+3/12+3 creture for half the faeria!

Other card I think that could benefit for a little change is Spellwhirl. Actually, the chance to get another Spellwhirl from a Spellwhirl are good, and this card has the potential to snowball and synergizes too much with Aurora’s Disciple. I think (despite I love playing blue, like in MtG) that the zero cost is just too strong. Requiring 1 faeria or at least 3 lakes seem

I’m searching for a deck tracker too. Very useful during a game and just cool when watching some replays from other players on YouTube.

My favorite card is Earthcraft.