Garudan, Heart of the Mountain #20 (Special Edition)

Hello everyone! Welcome to Garudan, Heart of the Mountain #20!

To celebrate 20 editions of the tournament, we decided to make a special rule for this ocasion:

  • Your deck may only have events (you can play creatures generated by events, such as spellwhirl, day of dragons, ruunin’s presence, among others)

It will be a BO1 (best of one), double elimination tournament with in-game gold prizes and it will take place next sunday, August 6th, at 1 PM EDT / 7 PM CEST (check-in starts 12 PM EDT / 6 PM CEST)

You can join here

Also, join our discord here in case you have any doubts and to make comunication easier.

You can also contact me on discord: Hawaii#9707

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next sunday!

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