Garudan or Aurora?


So I just got enough memoria to craft myself a legendary. Out of the top tier legendary cards Aurora and Garudan are the ones I’m thinking of getting, but I only have enough for one. Who would be the best to get?


Depends on your playstyle and what cards you have at the moment. Aurora is more versatile I think and cheaper, but Garudan is great for slow, control/defensive decks, I was told. Do you like blue or red better? Jumping creatures or burn?


The problem is that I like both, so I wanted to hear some opinions on the cards before I got them. However, I would say that if I got Aurora my blue deck would be complete, but with Garudan I am still missing a Groundshaker for my red deck.


Probably Aurora then. Many players say it’s the best.


Yeah, I saw her in action in the tournament today. The value is kinda stupid. But anyway, thanks for the help.