Gemsilk Faerie - Jump instead of Charge 2

Among the event faeries, the Gemsilk Faerie is the more generic one currently. The others have Taunt/Charge 2, Ranged and Charge 3, while the blue one has just Charge 2. A minor change I’d like to suggest is to change the Charge 2 to Jump so that it better fits with the Blue thematic, and thus distinguishing it a bit more from its fellow faeries. It would also act as a minor buff by making it a bit more nimble, potentially helping it find its niche like the other faeries have.


I actually really like this suggestion. It’s minor enough that it wouldn’t completely break the card, but it’s still a buff. For instance, Triton trainer wouldn’t buff it, but jump would give it a leg up over charge. I love it!

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Yeah, gemsilk is the worst one. This seems appropriate.
(You could also do protection instead of charge 2).

Of course, it could be a deck-balance thing. Blue feels quite eventy, and benefits from events. Yellow benefits lots too, and has the 2nd-worst faerie.

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