General concensus - B/R and mono green dominant?

I’m a veteran in both HS and Duelyst (top 100 HS legend multiple times, duelyist #1 S-rank multiple times), and I’ve been playing faeria for a day. At the moment I’m rank 16 atm, and of course I can’t claim I know much about the game, and my collection is pitiful to say the least, but why is it that people are of the opinion that this combination is so OP? Is blue too good in comparison to others when it comes to large removal, and red can do small removal and put bodies on the board?

What about mono green? My impression is that the deck puts out so many removal targets, eventually people run out of removal and they can’t muscle with the green minions on steroids.

I really wanted to try a yellow deck, but I lack so many cards I afford it by a long shot so I can’t comment on that.

Anyway, opinions, expectations on the tournament color picks?

Buffing weaker minions out of the Red damage range is a normally viable strategy. Well, transforming minions with blue works against this strategy.
Playing a big dude to “cheat” on the red removal - transforming will deal with it as well.
And if you can’t transform it humbling vision can also help to find positive trades.

Blue is awesome at dealing with threats, but has no real hard removal, they got an answer to nearly everything, but leave you with a body to buff back into action. Here kicks red in again and deals with the small body very efficiently.

But that is just the crazy synergy this type of combination naturally has.

The problem starts to kick in with the enourmous tempogain some of the cards bring along.
Ancient Herald is basiclly a 3/5 for 2 faeria - and makes guessing your opponent’s options (limited by his faeria) nearly impossible.

Ground Shaker is just a better version of a 2 faeria neutral event on top of a solid 5/6 body for just 6 faeria.
You could say he’s also a 5/6 for 4 faeria just by himself.

Mirror Phantasm is just a solid answer to nearly every situation and should -if you want my opinion- not be global at all.

Garudan also more of a tempo play by himself. He’s a 6/6 body with charge 2 and comes with a free 6 mana spell as well. (also said spell needs more lands than garudan himself).

The blue legendary aurora isn’t any better, it is a 1/1 which transforms an other minion into a 6/6 (which in most cases has haste included, because it was already in play)

This might just look like a few cards which are all really strong tempo plays, but the real nightmare starts with the Blood Obelisk, which gives you additional tempo/faeria for any opponent minion killed with a minion effect or minion combat. So if your opponent just builds up an economy and you drop blood obelisk + garudan (for example) he loses his economy, the obelisk gives you a lot of faeria back for free and you have brought a big minion into action.

So now you might think you can just outlast all these crazy cards, because they are mostly gifts so if you try to turtle and stay on your own land will help you to outlast this deck?
Well, you forgot the good utility blue brings into the deck with Aurora’s creation. This card can take the answer from the board, make a copy of it and enables you to play it again - and that without any tempo loss, because it refunds its own cost as a discount on the minion’s copy.

So you have built an economy which is secure against one garudan and a groundshaker? Well, bad luck for you, it’s double Garudan time.

So let sum me up the most important points:
the two colours have a great synergy
together they have just enough cards to build the deck without having to use “mediocre cards”
Their combined tempo gain is - compared with most other decks - a semi-cheat on economies.
Most of their effects are actually global (excluding salamander here), which let’s them use just few coloured lands to get their minions played.

All in all it’s a tempodeck which does not need much economy to start with, has strong global answers to pretty much everything and can even recycle its used answers a second time while having a tempo generating structure somewhere in the back which is nearly impossible to remove for almost any other deck currently used in the metagame.


And in the case of green they can cheaply and easily drop huge creatures using feed the forest and buff combos. Anything not blue or last nightmare has an extremely hard time removing the creatures without putting themselves far behind.
A good example is Oakling + feed the forest into whatever creature is buffed. You are spending 1 card (accounting for feed draw) and 1 Faeria to drop something that has +5/+5. If you are playing a creature that has more health than its cost you can feed it to build Faeria for really explosive turns.
Its very hard to stop a rush deck that has consistent ways of gaining economy and dropping large creatures.
It’s also simple to play and most people seem to start with green anyway.

Honestly after playing it seems as thought the general buffing mechanics of green are undercosted, Because of this blue is basically mandatory in most decks because it has the only cheap efficient removal. If you play without blue you are set so far behind just because of how effective the various green/blue stuff is.

It feels as though at the moment blue and green are the strongest because one pumps out cheap efficient minons at a crazy rate while the other has so much control they can neuter any real threats you put out. The only way to deal with it is to try and rush their mana points and starve them out of mana.

My opinons is that some of the hyper efficient green buffs and blue strong removal all need to be upped in cost. That and red could really do with some form of hard removal outside of meteor. Lastly the red/yellow creatures all feel understated for their costs. Underground boss is just a worse version of ancient herald most of the time and requires 2 colour instead of ancient heralds 1. Deepwood grizzly is 5 and 1 for something that is basically unremovable without green or blue.

It feels like to play a red or yellow deck you need to be able to use 30 epics because the commons just don’t stand up. On the other hand a lot of green and blues best cards are handed to you in the solo missions. Flame spitter, blood singer, fire elemental, axe grinder, grim guard. All of these are essentially fodder for any green/blue deck that sneezes at them.

Burn is a pretty solid deck and its Y/R.
Against R/B you put them on a clock and they can never really get rolling before your indirect damage kills them off.
Against Green you can force trades and stall them out as long as you can while your indirect damage kills them. The only thing that really screws you over is Runnan’s Command. It is a pretty hard fight but winnable.
I do agree though that green and blue both have extremely powerful themes that are probably a little unbalanced or at least a little too prominent in the meta right now.

Honestly I’m not sure why you would run R/B over G/B. Maybe I’m missing something but the two of them seem to synergize really well together.

I’ve actually been running a G/R battle deck thats been working amazing. with green to buff the multitude of red creatures and blood singers and blood obelisks to gain faeria its solid even against blue alot of the time stacking big creatures with constant dmg and removal. Yellow has good removal with Nightmare 6 cost DESTROY any creature.