Get started without the DLC's

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Hello there,

I am glad you found your way into my secret Lizard cave. I have been hiding a fine selection of decks that don’t require you to have any of the DLCs somewhere around here.

Do not get discouraged though, thinking I will offer you a selection of meaky bois.

All of them are very potent and can compete at a high level of play if piloted properly.
They have been crafted carefully with passion and comittment over aoens by yours truly.
Behold for I have found the solution to solving all the mysteries of the universe and gitting gud at Faeria.

Thus without further ado, here are the lists:


Green / Red




Yellow / Red

I might add some gameplay footage later to this guide and talk about the intricacies you will need to incoperate into your playstyle in order to get the most out of each of these decks.

I will try to keep updating this guide as I find and refine more viable base set decks.

Key to improving with these decks or to improving in Faeria in general is understanding your wincondition and reassesing the board state aswell as your next moves. The beauty about Faeria is no game feels the same and alot of the times you will have to adapt to win. Even with a bad hand you will be able to pull off wins if you view each game as a unique puzzle that requires you put together the right pieces.

Feel free to comment here or ask me any questions on Discord.
I will gladly try to help out.


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