Getting Out Tempo'd By Endless Huge Creatures

I am generally pleased with how diverse the decks are that I encounter on the ladder. But I cannot help but think something happened in the last couple of days that has pushed the meta into a place I am unsure how to deal with.

For the last three or four days, I have been seeing lots of decks with lots of HUGE creatures in them. Massive creatures with 7 or more health, and springily lots of them. Green and Blue are the greatest offenders of course. I have been prepared for rush and burn decks, as they seemed to be my worse match up, but with this latest meta change I have been thankful to see anything that doesn’t have giant 15 health creatures.

Does anyone know if this is a trend in the current meta as I hover around Rank 7 and 8, or just a coincidence?

How would you suggest I combat decks that build huge creatures rapidly? I have tried kill cards (Last Nightmare) and Deathwish decks, and even fast decks to try to beat their harvest, but I am still getting out tempo’d.

Imho it’s a design flaw. Red has no efficient way to deal with giant creatures. Sure it does have direct damage but setting a win up takes way too long. In matchup Red vs Green I think Green has definitively the upperhand with bigger creatures and no way to deal with it.

But on the other hand I think hard removal is bad too since there is no counter play to it. And with Last Nightmare you can trade very efficient with little no disadvantage.

If the current meta favours big creatures I think it forces decks to have hard removal.

My only advice is… if you can’t beat them, join them. I guess if it’s the new meta you should may be look into it.

One decent counter is reds ability to inflict player damage by combat/kill. Particularly if they can get a couple of early kills in, they can then stall the big greens and in doing so inflict further damage on the opponent’s health. The map will be green by the end of the game, but they still win.

Edith: Might depend heavily on their draw. Just found these decks to be rather trouble some in comparison to others.

Could I suggest maybe carrying doomsday for when the bored is way way out of your control. Its best to use when they make a hard play and dump all their mana so that when you doomsday you both start at a level playing field. The half health is a minor fee for the loss you would eventually take.

Edit: Or that Red Card that absorbs the health and life of a creature that it killed (cant remember the name for some reason)

Verduran Force in starting hand --> GG


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