Getting started in Faeria. What should i do? FAQ

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How to spend money?

Right now the bundle costs 32€. It provides you benefits for approximately 35€. So unless it’s on a sale or you care about the exclusive Steam Card Back it’s not that important to get. However buying Goki the Goldminer, who is also included in the Steambundle and costs 4€ on it’s own, is excellent value - A must have for every new player. He will provide you with a minimum of 14000 Gold which is worth 14€ in terms of packs.

How to spend gold?

(solo missions > pandora > packs)

Solo missions are the most efficient way of gaining value out of your gold. After that you want to use it for pandora runs as long as you enjoy playing this mode. If you are done with the two previous things you can just buy packs.

**How to spend memoria? **

First I would advise you to craft the 3 Tier1 Legendaries right now (Khalim Skyprodigy, Aurora Mythmaker, Seifer Blood Tyrant)

After that you should be working on Tier1 Epic cards such as Groundshaker, Mirror Phantasm, Earthcraft, Flowersilk Faerie, Sagittarius

Followed by that there are 4 more legendaries worth crafting especially if they belong to your color of choice. (Baeru, Garudan, Thetra, Radiance)

Disentchant mythic cards for more memoria

How to spend time?

Do your daily pandora practice run. Do pandora runs until you get burned out. As new player you don’t have a disadvantage in terms of card collection since every player has the same chances in the draft and the rewards are better than ranked.

Don’t forget about your daily quests. You can save up to 3 Dalies at the same time, so if you are short on time playing faeria every 3rd day to get these done seems like a very time efficient method. If you want a bit more benefits there is a daily log in reward but you shoudln’t feel forced to get that since it’s more a smalls bonus rather than something you have to get.

Right now playing many games is also rewarding because you level up very quickly and there are decent rewards for that.

So all in all the rewards are fairly spread out.

Finally there are also benefits of having a recruiter


“Right now playing many games is also rewarding because you level up very quickly and there are decent rewards for that.”

Maybe it’s important to add that you level up even if you don’t win games.

Great little guide!

Thanks for the guide. :yak:

To add to the last point, if anyone’s looking for a recruiter still, feel free to add me at the top of your friends list: Zaekath

Looking for new friends to play the game with!

^^^ No, add OnionBomb
He’s the best. He will take you to god rank. :wink:

Awesome post @luuu90. Really appreciate all the work you do for the community!

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