Give us an ingame-chatsystem, for opponents as well as for friends. Maybe a general chat as well?

Well, it’s basically all in the title. :stuck_out_tongue:

As it is right now, there is no communication between Faeria players inside the game at all (except for your friendlist, if you invite someone into the lobby). Sometimes, this makes the game a somewhat lonesome experience. First of all, I can’t think of any downside (besides development effort) in having a general chat and friend chats, so I won’t adress this point any further.

There are also some situation where I’d just enjoy a quick chat with my opponent, both while we play and afterwards. A chat option with your opponent while playing, however, seems to be seen kinda controversial across gaming developers, especially pvp games, so let me allay your concerns.

The one argument that always crosses the mind is the prevention of a negative atmosphere due to rude/insulting chatting behaviour. And I agree, that this might be a problems in a lot of casual pvp games with a wide target audience.

Faeria is a strategy game where you need to think a lot, if you take it seriously. Therefore, it doesn’t adress many immature 12 year olds who think it cool to rage at their opponent, but people who like to think while playing games.
Sure, there are always some people who will rage. But this should not prevent you from enabling a chat system at all. Just give each player the option to mute their opponent (also as a default option for those who don’t want to at all). Problem solved.

Take Scrolls as an example of a well implemented chat system in a strategy card game:
First of all, Scrolls had a general lobby, where you could chat with everyone online. If I remember correctly, you could also create group chats. And you also got a chat window for you and your opponent, which even stayed after the game was done; so you didn’t have to invite everyone you want a quick chat with to you friendlist.
In my experience, there weren’t many issues with flaming either. Instead, most of the time you had a nice and friendly atmosphere, where a player could congratulate the other one for good moves, victory. Sometimes they’d also share their experience or deck ideas. Sometimes they had some tips for improvement for each other.

So, what do you think? :slight_smile:

People like me will tell you to go cut out your eyes and eat them every other game. Is it what you desire from your gaming experience?

// And not because of the rage and whatnot. It is a way to play the game and to get an advantage. Tilted and frustrated players play worse. If there is a tool to tilt and frustrate your opponent, especially the one you do not know and do not care about - it is stupid to not to use it.

@Mithfin : Read his post again, if you have this behavior, we can just mute you (which can be defaulted during important events like tournaments for example).

I do agree this could be beneficial to many players, much more than HS-like emotes (which can be used to BM as well anyway). I also feel it’s sometimes frustrating not to be able to chat with an opponent during/after an interesting game.


For making a decision to mute the opponent you have to read at least 1 insult per “bad opponent” game. I don’t think this is a good idea. Personally, I hated the in-game chat in Scrolls. And I learned how effective the obnoxious swearing pressure can be from Scrolls, actually. A LOT of people used it on ladder at 1800+ while I’ve been playing the game.

Chats has been requested a lot by players. Until it gets implemented (if it does) I recommend you to join the Faeria discord server, you can find a link to it from your friendslist in the client. There is always hundreds of players online there and most of the time you can also find your ingame-opponent there!

Personally I dont think an ingame-chat is a good idea unless there is enough staff to go through reports of discrimination etc. But we might have that one day! :slight_smile:

If you leave an option to disable chat permanently (and of course inform your opponent that your chat is disabled so that he doesn’t keep speaking for nothing), then I believe it’s not a problem (well, if everyone disables it, then that’s useless, though). We need it disabled by default, or easy to change in the settings (so that we could disable it before a tournament for instance).
Personally, I don’t care if an idiot is insulting me as long as I can easily mute him. It would even be counter-effective as it would boost my concentration to beat him (not to mention he also gets distracted while insulting me). :slight_smile:
This way, I believe the pros outweight the cons, but that’s my own opinion. And of course, like J0k3 said, this feature may never see the light of day anyway. :wink:
Insert random insult here to disrupt concentration of people reading this. Muahahaha !


Well, it’s certainly sad to hear that you’re one of those black sheeps, who don’t care about a fair competition and do literally everything to win, then. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, my point still stands. If I experienced such behaviour, I’d just mute you and get on with the game in a “need to win now more than ever” fashion, as Foxclear described it. And I still think it’s worth it, to have some of those bad experience, in order to also have very nice experiences.

And for all those who wouldn’t appreciate that, they could still mute everyone by default. Nothing lost here. :slight_smile:
I, for one, would appreciate it to decide this for myself, instead of being sentenced to silence.

I would prefer chat with friends only, I generally keep pvp chat muted in games i can, but talking to my friends and they have to be muted while someone is vacuuming or something in the background will still allow us to talk. Or they dont have a mic yet, or just really anything would make friend chat much better.

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Chat with opponent and chat with friends are 2 different things, both could coexist at the same time. and with friends, you could still be in touch through other means (Discord, Skype IM, or whatever). Still, that could be nice to have a friend chat ingame as well.

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Personally, I love the no-emotes no-chat experience of Faeria. If in-game chat and emotes get added, please add an option: “mute everything by default”. I’m not interesting in experiencing BM or chat from a gloating/whining opponent.
If chat is what you want, go to our Discord, it’s very active. Go BM your opponent there, see what happens.

Chat yes, but only if you can disable it, preferably as a setting, so you don’t have to mute/squelch at the start of each game. Perhaps it can even be shown to the opponent that you have everything on mute.


it would be nice too when you could send messages to a friend when he is offline.
right now it seems that it just works when both are online at the same time.

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