Give us some tools against mobility in the end!

Because mobility has become too much. And there is no mechanics allowing it to resist effectively. From this super mobile meta already sick. I think you need to balance the chances of winning mobile and immobile decks. I see two ways to solve this:

  1. Invent a new mechanic that works against mobility.
  2. Use penalty to reduce mobility.

An example of such a new mechanics that will work against mobility is an ambush. The creature in ambush is invisible. A creature that tries to pass through a cell with a creature in ambush automatically fight with it and becomes inactive until the end of its turn. When a creature in ambush begins to move, it loses its invisibility. Examples of cards:

Examples of the use of penalty:

I like ambush mechanics more than penalty. But I am already exaggerated for everything. Because I can’t look at toads and flyers anymore.