Glimpse of a future card?

This was weird. Was just playing a pandora match and my opponent played a treasure, but I didn’t catch it, so I hovered over it on the left of the screen and it changed to something called Meroval’s Queen Farm Fetish. It was a picture of a farm boy with all 4 lands like Three Wishes. It also had a long description under it which I didn’t get time to read as it was only there a few seconds before it changed back to normal. It said something about an orb and it had the blue faeria ball with 20 inside it.
Did I get a glimpse of one of the future cards or was this some sort of trippy bug?

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Yes, I have the same thing. But there were two such icons on the left.

No, it’s a bug, when it has difficulty loading textures it loads that one or the one of “the world’s tear”, it should have been fixed but seems to come back every now and again

Is this Faeria’s Herobrine? That would be hilarious if in the patch notes the devs started saying things like, “removed Meroval’s Farm Fetish”.