[God] Divine Crackers

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If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em [at God Rank]: a list for people recovering from/annoyed by Blue Jump.


  • Divine Guardian is a gatherer who might stick around all the way until the last turn, when she Timewalks your opponent because they forgot about her. Best T1, or on the far side of the board. Note that you never want two in play, as the sac trigger to save your life will kill both. Also note happily that Crackers most certainly can pump her (tho Embrace cannot).
  • Sagami Warrior: The most effective way to beat Crackthorn is to starve it. Owlface is a T1 drop, a solid gatherer, and fixes annoying land situations (namely, where you can’t seem to reach past the well lane to place that last Mountain (for Axe Grinder) or Forest (for Groovecaller)).
  • No Garudan: He just costs too damn much; if I needed another Firestorm, I’d play one. Yes, he’s a massive badass. But in a midrange meta, you benefit more from a T1 3/4 than from a giant uncastable dragon.


If you have a T1 gatherer, open the appropriate land and cast so you can gather T2. If you’re P2 with a Wood Elemental, the blank should be centered so you can gather T2; run the other G to the well. Otherwise, always start R. Run to all one side, preferring whatever side opp chose (if you can tell). Until you’re 3R/3G, you really ought not be making blanks. (The exception is mono-G: see below.) Generally, take it slow and save your mana. 6 is your golden number, so ending turn with 2 is massively better than 1.


  • You absolutely ruin Blue Jump (this is why you’re flying Crackers, yes?). You want to always kill their early gatherer, so mull a little harder for early burn. All your critters are bigger, and all theirs are basically x/3s. Your pumps are especially bad on Woody. You can be especially rude by refusing to play lands near your orb on the side with the floating lake, as they really need your cooperation to push damage. Hold your Firestorm until it’s really, really funny. Advice: casting Crackthorn Beast is good.
  • Yellow Rush is favorable; just be sure to have a Forest center, so you can park Woody there near the endgame. (I imagine nothing feels crappier than using Last Nightmare to clear a 3/4 so you can push me to 6 and end turn.) Playing around Choking Sand is important, as most seem to run it these days; so prebuff that 3/4 if they can’t hit 6 on their turn. Generally speaking, Groundshaker is the MVP here, but casting Crackthorn Beast is good.
  • Burn is an even matchup, esp R/Y. This is where Divine Guardian shines, though. Unlike other matchups, adopt a control-y land placement and do your damnedest to keep them from dropping a red near your orb. Burn almost always runs up one side, so start with the defensive triangle over there. Trades are usually in your interest here as they run fewer creatures than average; this makes casting Crackthorn Beast good. This is ultimately an attrition matchup, so be attentive to economy. An Underground brawler that can only single-gather isn’t worth punching if you can wait a turn to burn it out. (fwiw, this is the only matchup I ever miss the dragon.)
  • Mirror. We have a slightly higher creature count than most variants, so push that. No need to be aggressive with lands; much like with Burn, treat this as an attrition matchup and focus on economy. Just like in the real world, the guy with the most $$$ wins. Interestingly, casting Crackthorn Beast is good.
  • Mono-Green. While this deck isn’t really Tier 1, it’s very easy to play, cheap, and tends to obliterate Burn from orbit. This makes it popular. Their monsters are huge, so expect most trades will work out against you. Yes, they always have a pump, but on the other hand, they have no removal: prebuff at will, use that burn to force trades. Starving G early is easy and productive as a result; toast all gatherers. Land placement also changes a bit: they’re likely to flood you with forests, so get to ~5 colored lands by reaching for your other well, and then run up that side with blanks once they’re low on mana and committed to their starting lane. Remember they’re even less mobile than you are; play around Groovecaller and Horseface. Hold your elementals midgame. If you see jumpers, laugh and pin them.


Aurora predicts one of these will come true in June:

  • Crackthorn Beast will cost 7.
  • Grovecaller will become a 2/5 for 5.
  • They will do something dumb to buff Yellow, as it is not winning enough, esp Yellow Fliers. Maybe Khalim’s Follower needs flying, right guys?

Land type(s): Neutral, Forest, Mountain
Faeria cost: 3.8
Difficulty: Intermediate

3x AXE GRINDER (3f 1M)
3x FLAME BURST (3f 2M)
1x FIRESTORM (6f 3M)

How can you be more mobile than monogreen when you have more land requirement and run the same 3 grovecallers but they sometimes play 1/2 horsemaster more? Am I missing something?
Prebuffing against monogreen is allways dangerous due to Voice of Truth.

I don’t see what divine guardians do for you in this deck, appart from weakening the yellow tempo and blue jump match ups. Strenghening match ups that are already favorable to you?

I also don’t believe your claim that you “absolutely destroy” blue jump when the match up is known to be a bit favored to crackthorn when they run 2 aoe and you run only one, replacing it by a 0/4 that will never help you contest their harvesting from your wells.

Don’t get me wrong, this decklist is good enough to get to god rank (with all the extra stars we don’t need a fine-tuned decklist to get to godrank anyways), but it will be hard to ever get to top10 with that.

  1. Maybe!

  2. I too was skeptical about Divine Guardian at first. But it really is a timewalk a lot of the time. It’s easy to underestimate esp in Faeria as “must effect the board” is king. But given that we’re often mana-starved and also that its trigger is mad good, it really does pull its weight.

  3. Sure, it’s just my opinion, but I repeat: being mana starved is the achilles heel. Blue Jump is easily dealt with via normal burn. You don’t need sweepers to handle an army of low-toughness frogs. Between Groundshaker and Crackers, they’ll all die due to side effects. The rest will be mopped up by Wrath and Blast.

  4. I actually haven’t seen a G list that runs both Horseface and Groovecaller. It tends to cut into the buffs. I agree that highly mobile giant monsters be kinda problematic.

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