God Rank (Part 1) RY Burn

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Hi ! This is the first deck I used to reach god rank this month with 59.7% winrate. I used this until I reached rank 1, but then I got a bit bored and I swapped to another deck that I’ll probably publish too.
If you’re not familiar with the deck, it’s pretty straight forward. You want to survive until you reach 3 mountains and 3 deserts. Then you can push a lot of dammages thanks to the Specters and eventually win the game. Basicaly, this is some sort of controlish SMOrc :stuck_out_tongue:
Regarding the decklist, it’s very close to the standard RY Burn decklist. I’m simply not playing 3xGroundshaker because I feel like the lack of synergy with Gift of Steel really is a flaw. Instead, I tried 1xHellfire, 1xIona’s Smile and 1xUnderground Brigand and it worked quite well ! Hellfire really helps breaking the momentum of tempo decks and Iona’s Smile saved me more than once from those “3 mountains, 3 deserts but no Specter” situation.
Last but not least, mulligan ! Here, you can go two ways:

  1. If you got a creature (apart from Specter) and some yellow spells you can try to mulligan for the early all-in combo creature+Flash WInd+Prayer(+Gift of Steel). If your opponent can’t react in time, the dammage will be massive; knowing that you can finish him off later with Specters.
  2. Else, just try to aim for 2 creatures and a blast and play it slow until late game
    I’ve had quite some fun with this deck, even if I feel like the skillcap is not the highest. Still it is very effective and definitely worth trying !
    GLHF :slight_smile:

Land type(s): Mountain, Desert
Faeria cost: 3.3
Difficulty: Intermediate

3x GIFT OF STEEL (3f 2M)
3x GRIM GUARD (4f 2M)
3x FLAME BURST (3f 2M)
1x HELLFIRE (7f 2M)
1x IONA’S SMILE (2f 2D)

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Interesting deck, but pure green just kills it, I find that it loses almost 100% of the time to green, in my experience at least. I do run it without Seifer though. If the enemy manages to bring several Grove Guardians or even Tyrian Golems, its game over. They oneshot all the creatures (except Seifer) barely sustaining any damage, if you didn’t happen to draw any gifts, which happens from time to time, or used them already on something which got killed. Tyrian Golem is 10 hp for 5 Faeria, so trying to kill it with direct damage is huge faerie waste, and it can absorbs a ton of damage from Hellfire, making it quite useless. Even to kill something like Verdan Forest you need a creature + gift + direct damage spell, 3 cards to kill one, spending much more faeria than the enemy.

Also green just happens to have lots of Taunt creatures, who also happen to have lots of hp, and they also happen to have many hp buffs that can be applied to them, making Scourgeflame pretty much useless if they placed a creature near the orb beforehand. The only real way to deal with this would be flash wind, which would require to be drawn and requires 10 faeria in total, which is not something you can just randomly save up if the enemy already took control of the wells, which green can easily do.

Agreed, green is a pretty though matchup. There are two ways I handle this:

  1. Playing around Seifer: Green does not play any removal. If your Seifer gets out of hand, the only way for Green to take it down is by trading it on board, which isn’t easy into Seifer. So if you can, look for Seifer + some yellow spells in your opening hand. If your opponent isn’t careful enough and does not play around your extra mobility, you can get your Seifer rolling and win the game solely on this one.
  2. Playing around gift of steel and early all-ins: As I said in the deck’s description, going for early all-ins with Red combat dmg+ Yellow mobility can be key is some matchups. Well, Green is one of them, simply because green plays no hard removal. You can Shedim Brute + Gift of Steel+Khalim prayer to get a big creature early on and then trade left and right to burn down your opponent slowly/go face straight away and win the game this way.
    I agree though, that the healing is an issue in this matchup, but I hope this will help you improving your winrate (I’m probably somewhere between 20 and 30% myself).
    TLDR: Green is hard. Go for greedy mulligans (Seifer, yellow spells, gift of steel) and may the force be with you !

Thanks for the feedback btw :wink:

Why only one specter?

This is a display issue, there are indeed three of them :slight_smile:

Just now played against green/blue deck, and got wrecked by healing again. This is the most extreme case I’ve ever encountered though. I managed to hit the enemy with Specter + Brute pretty much uninterrupted, bringing him to 5 hp. Great, right? Well… He then proceeded to summon 3 (!) Tiki Healers, restoring him back to full, then summoned 2 Wild Avengers with 16 hp each, Baerau Wave with 10 hp, and several taunt creatures. He also had 3 Gaea’s Graces and Ruunings Guidances, ensuring the I won’t ever kill anything…