Goki in Pandora

Well, first of all, can we take a minute and appreciate how crappy of a legendary set i am offered here XD?

(Probabbly pick Emperor)

But in all seriousness, shouldn’t goki be left out of Pandora? Because, unless it does something i am not aware of, it’s already a dead card for regular PvP (altough it’s free, so it doesnt matter), but in pandora it’s actually disrupting because it can appear in the spot of an real legendary.
just saying…


Goki isn’t a terrible card by itself though. It’s somewhat OP in co-op but that’s not too important, until you’re playing vs people. But if you’re going for fast lands then 2/4 isn’t too bad for 2f. In your case above he’s 2nd best IMHO. Kaios is awesome in Pandora if you can get Ulani’s medallion.

2/4 for 2 not “terrible”
there is more bad card :stuck_out_tongue: