Gold cost of the new expansion?

Hello faeria players and staff :slight_smile:

I have i little question.

When do we know the gold price for the expansion (just the coop campaign for the new card) ?

Cause i’m a new player who keep all his gold for that (20k actually) but i don’t know if it’s enought and if i can buy chest or pandora coins with my extra gold.

I can’t anticipate at all and it’s frustrate me.

Any information about that ?

Thx for answers and sry for my bad english ^^

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No information but I imagine it will be more than the total of the solo missions so far. 50k+?

Oh i hope not, it’s a lot for only 30 x3 cards no ?

A lot for a beginner i mean.

The fact that you can only have those cards with the coop campaign is a little sad for me if it cost so much :frowning:
Not a fan of that system. I prefer to search cards in boosters, the pleasure to open and discover is important for me.

Wait & see so.

I have a feeling the content will be chopped up into a few purchases.

It would obviously be more fun if it was just released and done like that. But at the same time, it would not pay for itself most likely.

If the expansion would be easily to acquire for a beginner with no monetary input… well, it would be free. And free does not pay the bills. Simple as that, if unfortunate.

Not release for free of course.

But i hope for a fair price like 30 000 gold or 40 000 max.

For exple 50k+ for 30x3 cards is a lot if we compare to simply buy pack.

And the coop campaign is the only way to get those cards…

But we will see.

Re hello !

Little question here : is pre order the expansion for 25 euros is a good idea just for the campaign / new cards ?
Cause i don’t care about cosmetic, just want to get the new cards …

Or should i wait to just buy coop campaign ?

I know Abrakam don’t communicate everything yet but i just ask :slight_smile:

Thx !

If you are talking about value for money, it really depends on how much gold you have and how much the campaign will cost in gold/gems.

Another way to estimate the campaign/cards cost in gold is with the gold refund on the 6 new cards initially (triton trainer and co). Rare is 200g refund if you have it, 800g for Epic and 3500 for Legendary if I remember correctly?

30 new cards, lets say 6 Legendary, 8 Epic, 8 Rares and 8 Commons. That would be:

Rare 200g x (3 x 8) = 4.8k g
Epic 800g x (3 x 8) = 19.2k g
Legendary 3500g x 6 = 21k g

So about 45k gold in total, round up to 50k for commons and campaigns’ value too?

50k gold is not a lot I think in terms of chests. You can’t expect to get full collection of the 30 new cards in just 50 chests, definitely. Get the expansion if you want to support the game, but personally I find purchasing with gems/gold more flexible.

Yep thx for your answer :slight_smile:

I will buy gems yes probably to buy the campaign because i don’t want all this cosmetic stuff !

Good advice, thx again !

(And yes i want to support the game and Abrakam. I already spend 10 euros on it and i will do again but only for cards :smile:)