Gold spent in 'oversky' expansion once 'fall of everlife' is released?

Hey there,

I have spend some time collecting enough gold to purchase all wings of ‘Oversky’.

I recently saw that the ‘Oversky’ content, and cards, will be made free once ‘Fall of everlife’ comes out.

What about the 36k + gold spent to get those wings in the first place ?

Any insight please?

Thanks in advance for your support, Faeria is dope.

You’ll be refunded 10K gold per island, so no worries here.

What if we spent actual money on the islands? Same reimbursement or something else? I would be perfectly fine with just the gold, but I was still wondering.

Hello Aidden,

Thanks for your reply.

Do you happen to have the source to share with us about this afirmation please?

As gold will no be usable anymore once ‘fall of Everlife’ comes out, and I don’t see why would ‘Oversky’ wings be refunded before that.

Also if that were the case, that would imply that ‘Oversky’ cards will not be available to anyone during the time period between the refund and the launch of ‘fall of Everlife’.

Anyways if there is a source somewhere that enlightens this matter, I’d be glad to see it.

Thanks in advance for your help !

Hi guys,

the list of sources you might be interested in to figure out the transition process:

  1. Official announcement:
  2. Related Reddit post:
  3. Another Reddit post about resource spending optimization:
  4. B2P Account Transition Calculator:

The calculator is actually where you can find the Oversky islands compensation. And sure, gold will be converted to battle chests at the time of transition, so you’ll get 10 chests per island as a result. What I wanted to emphasize, is that it is profitable to spend 38.000 gold on islands now and get 40.000 worth of chests later.


Hey aidden,

It is now crystal clear for me, you rock mate.