Good green list for beginners?

Hey folks,

first tried faeria quite a while back, mostly playing against the ai. I’ve recently returned and since my collection leans pretty heavily towards green I was looking for some suggestions on an easy-to-pilot green list to start playing some proper matches with.

I’m actually working on a Beginner Green video for release (hopefully) later this week! In the meantime, I recommend a bulky midrange “Ancient Beastmaster” green deck that leverages that ability to buff Verduran Force, Grove Guardian, Deepwood Grizzly, Living Willow, etc… You could use either Sagami Grovecaller or Syland Horsemaster for mobility. Be sure to include some solid green buffs, as well (Ruunin’s Guidance, Elderwood Embrace, etc). You could even use Tiki Caretaker as a cheap collector that can also impart a +2/2 buff. GL HF and stay tuned for my video, if you’re interested in seeing a version in action soon :smiley:

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Hey matrien, thanks for the response. Just checking out the beginner’s guide on your channel now…there’s also still a few cards from your suggestion that I’m missing so I’ll get started on those. :slight_smile: