Graphics Bug - How to fix this?

How can I fix the black squares on sides? Thanks


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What black squares? Are you sure you posted proper screenshot?

Yes, there are 4 black squares on the top of houses. They are blinking in the game. One is on the left side from the Sylant Warrior, another one is upon him. The 3rd is on the right side from the Grove and the last one upon him.

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Ah, yes, now I see them, sorry. I had some issues with this board too. The two fire torches on the right side of Grove Guardian were interfering with card preview during game (torches were visible through the card).

Bug recorded on another board here:

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Happened to me too

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I see there’s no available support, contacted them via email 4 days ago, still no reply. I switched back to Hearthstone then :smile:

Having the same problem on other maps as well (see attached pic). Important to mention is also that these squares move, which is very distracting. I am assuming it is connected to smoke-textures.

My system:
MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013)
macOS High Sierra 10.13.2
Graphics card: Intel Iris 1536 MB

I think you are correct in thinking that it has to do with the smoke since the squares only appear above torches where flames would be.

btw you can get rid of the squares if play at the absolute lowest quality but I think that’s worse :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi and thanks for reporting this, I will make sure the team takes a look at this issue.

The best way to report bugs is here:

They posted about Mac Problems in Faeria Friday, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

“This is a universal problem involving the Unity engine and has affected many games that use this platform. Some, but not all Mac players, will experience issues while using this update and playing Faeria. We’re paying attention to this, and will hopefully be able to correct these problems in a future update.”

Seriously, FIX THIS.

What device are you playing on?

I just started playing Faeria on a Macbook Pro, and am also encountering this issue. Turning the graphics to the lowest setting fixes this cus it disables most of the animations. But still, I’d like to play on a decent setting…

I am getting the same problem - same blinking squares on all graphics setting except lowest (where the game looks quite bad). I would love to keep playing this game, but as is it is unplayable. Hopefully this can be corrected soon - none of my other Mac games I play show any problems (Civ 6, RimWorld, Hearthstone, Card Hunter, Pillars of Eternity).

This is a problem on both Mac and iPad. Same boxes, same visual problem. Do they devs read this. I presume they care about their product, but to have the game so visually broken on both Mac and iPad is bad.

Does anyone know of the recent Mac OS update 10.13.4 has corrected this issue?

Are you fXxxx joking me? I have six of these squares spinning on my screen, in other words completely unplayable! And it’s been going on since January? Well so much for trying this game then. TBH doesn’t seem half as engaging as HS anyways. I deleted my HS cuz I found it too addictive. Though I’d give this a try. But seriously, the Devs ignoring this broken graphic bug is a big mistake. I’m on a top of the line MacBook. Bye boys