Grappling Hook + Kobold Smuggler : Improving Corrupt

Grappling Hook + Kobold Smuggler

– One land available next to target

Current Action
Smuggler - Grappling Hook on Target
– Gain Ranged
— Apply damage Target
---- Apply teleport
----- Activate corrupt
------ Target dies
------- No corrupt value

Suggested Action
Smuggler - Grappling Hook on Target
– Gain Ranged
— Apply damage Target
---- Target dies
----- Apply teleport
------ Activate corrupt
------- Corrupt value

This is how it works for other situations too. Frog tosser killing a Crumbling Golem, etc.

Corpse removal and last words come after almost everything else (maybe not card-played type synergies, eg Aurora’s Disciple - can’t remember exactly).

Doing it differently might complicate things, eg: what if the target you killed was a Plague Bearer that killed your Kobold Smuggler before it could teleport? do you teleport the corpse? does the corpse corrupt?

I don’t see the difference in complication. If one shoots a target it expects impact on hit. People who adapted to Plague Bearer profit (if it exists) adapted to an unnatural illogical and counter intuitive order of things. The played event is on the stack before card ability. Now it goes back and forth.

The corpse would logically not currupt nor teleport.

Frog Tosser is different: no currupt, no event attached and it inherently implicates a frog being tossed.

Crumbling Golum dies from its own ability after Tosser’s spawn?

This would conclude natural behaviour. Golum’s ability is designed to react.

Crumbling Golum dies from Tosser’s impact damage but not from spawn?

Then the tile should be cleared and locked from Tosser’s spawn before spawned.

Complicated? Well, maybe. But it is by Faeria’s own design. It deserves proper natural place.

Frog Tosser and Plague Bearer raises an interesting problem.

Does the spawn live? This is debatable from both sides but could raise a pattern exeption.

If the Bearer dies on impact Last Words could be placed before and after Spawn.

By my natural rhethoric you could say, it is weird to have a spawn surviving the plague, so change up the order of impact damage.

In theory the spawn is only summoned but in stylistic imagination the spawn was already on board by impact damage.

This is interesting but different from Kobold Smuggler which has no assumed summon on impact damage itself.