Green/Blue: Plague Ursus deck

Good morning!
Yesterday I made a deck that I had quite fun with on my stream :slight_smile:
Here are some highlights from the stream!

At the end of my stream I removed Study Shell and added Tiki Piper instead (thanks twitchchat!), I think it will offer more utility since it allows me to buff other creatures aswell. I also learned that Sagami Huntmaster can’t teleport Sturdy Shell to ocean tiles (which makes sense when you read the text) so Piper will be better than Sturdy in almost any situation.

The deck only has 3 epics (no legendary) so its pretty cheap to craft!

Let me know how it works out for you!


Totally going to steal that deck from you, J0k3se :wink:
The TP Ursus is pretty hard to anticipate, even harder to stop, and it is really interesting.

Btw, we have a 3rd game to settle J0k3se :smiley:

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I’ve tried something similar yesterday, after I saw your screenshots. :smiley:
My list is more of a all-in version, though:

Tiki Piper seems worth a try, so the ursus won’t be messed up by a single early trade.

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Haha that is indeed an all-in list! :slight_smile: But maybe thats better? :slight_smile: Let me know how successfull it is!

Thanks again for the neat decklists. I’ve loved Ursus for awhile now, good to see it can be decent. A lot of people seem to be running blue/green, too.

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The funny thing is I’ve been trying to incorporate this into my Yellow Green deck, using a splash of blue to flip really makes all the difference! I’m surprised I hadn’t tried this.

After reviewing the cards in my deck, I realized that I had never tried this because I am missing the new Libraries and the Possessed Ursus so it wasn’t ever a viable option for me. I may need to delve into this a bit more and see, but I really like what you did with this! Kudos J0k3s for another great deck list!

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Thanks mate :slight_smile: We gotta play together again soon!

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I most certainly agree! We’ll have to see how forgiving the holidays are or at the very least the New Year, life has it’s ups and downs!

With the new Annoying Gnat and some other cards I’ll have to fiddle around and see. Just curious but do you Theory Craft a lot first, or do you typically throw together a bunch of cards and just play the edits by ear?

I’m curious to learn your process. I find I spend a bit too much time theory crafting than I should and just need to dive in and do some exchanges. We’ll have to see how the new Meta/Cards can alter my Soul-Eater Sacrifice deck. Very tempted to use Annoying Gnat and Wind Soldiers for targets for Demon Wrangler, and I imagine it makes for a delicious fuel for Soul Eater. Only one way to find out!

When I see new cards, the first thing I think is “Can this improve my current decks?” and I think that I often time can judge that without having to test them, I have quite a lot of experience with Faeria and other similar games.

Some cards scream “Make a deck around this!” (like the first version of Dream Reaver) and those are the kind of cards I love seeing! I might enjoy deckbuilding more than actually playing the decks.

From all the new cards shown, the only thing we’ve seen that I didnt think about was the stormspawn doomsday combo and all the sweet stuff that allowed, and I was SO excited the first time I played against it and got completely crushed :smiley: It blew my mind and I started thinking of ways to break that combo :smiley:

I do like to go to the deckbuilder quite a lot, just to look at my list and consider the cards in it. Then I make decisions depending on what I feel like is in the meta in the moment (in the Blue Nightmare deck I used Auroras trick because there was a lot of GY sac, @Sepfire’s suggestion which turned out to be awesome), in the Ursus deck I used Tiki healer because there was a lot of burn).

I used Cutthroat Bandit (never seen anyone else use it, ever) quite a lot at some point in my Red Rush list because the 4attack could clear a lot of the often played cards for only 3 Faeria, while still buffing Hate Seed / Firebringer IN ADDITION to being a neutral card (which is so good against turn2 dune drakes aka 50% of the games).

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