Green Fives

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(Changed Title due to no Overgrown Tower now)


This is a version of my green deck that can use cards like Feral kodama, Ruunin’s Messenger, and Wild Avenger. It can do rush, midrange, and control but most green creatures are costly for this deck so it’s best stay with a midrange start or go for a control start if you don’t want to be fighting for a double collection spot.

It’s Mono Green with low special land requirement except for the Feral Kodama to give the deck more mobility threats and god healing that could win races.

Goal of this deck is to get all of the special green mobility cards buffed up cheaply so they can make they’re way to attack the opposing god for the win. Some cards are economically favored by the green factory like the Hunted Outlaw with it’s three cost 4/5 neutral. It has the disadvantage of giving draw with faeria to the opposing god when it dies but that is made up for by being hard to kill when green buffs proc on it and the possible early game faeria collection. The Hunted Outlaw is best hiding among the forest.

SafeGuard is the last card I’ve added to the deck so green can survive combat with a deathtouch if need be. If no deathtouch it can still force the opposing god to do more to take down the creature or have to take two attacks.

Ancient BeastMaster over Tiki Totem: I’ve chosen beast master over Tiki Totem due to it only buffing one creature per turn. It limits the amount of creatures that can be summoned per turn which doesn’t help with pressing the decks advantage. Also, Tiki Totem isn’t a creature that can be collecting Faeria or doing combat. I’m using many creatures that are 5hp or greater that bring green tech that need better stats.

Overgrown Tower is good for this kind of deck due to it’s low cost and on demand 1/1 per turn buff too creatures already on the board. It fills in the gaps when Ancient Beastmaster is not present to give buffs but red can remove it or reduce the number of buffs it can do.
I’m running another version of the deck with two Oaklings replacing the overgrown towers to get more power on to the board.

I don’t like the Oakling Feed combo due to how much space it takes in the deck and the fact it uses up the Faeria gain all into one creature that can be removed. To deal with this I’m treating it as an event instead of a harvester. Oakling feed in the deck does benefit where the feed is payed for by the extra buff to the Oakling and produces a powerful creature that can win trades or draw out removal to be dealt with.

Ruunin’s Guidance is another cheap green buff that could be used to heal the god when needed.
Edit: I added a Ruunin’s Guidance to increase buff draw consistency and removed one Ruunin’s Messenger due to it’s low stat cost. Also, this is so I can keep 2x Safeguard in the deck.

Feed The Forest works in this deck not only because there’s Living Willow in it but the buffs also increase the Faeria gain. A Voice Of Truth buffed by a Ancient Beastmaster makes it a better target for Faeria gain or other creatures.

Living willow is a must in green decks due to it’s cheap cost and high HP with taunt. It’s useful for stopping Y rush and collecting. It can be choking sand to death but the more taunts in a deck the more likely the deck can stop the aggression towards the god or against other creatures.

Voice of Truth is another important card to this deck due to it’s synergy with Ancient Beastmaster allowing it too potentially become a threat and it’s ability to bring creatures back to their base stats to make them easier to kill for low stat cards.

Ruunin’s Messenger is one of the stars in this deck allowing it to get buffed up or make it’s way to hit face to generate cheap green creatures to potentially buff up. It’s mobility and low land requirement lets it help with collecting or rushing face.
Edit: I added a Ruunin’s Guidance to increase buff draw consistency and removed one Ruunin’s Messenger due to it’s low stat cost. Also, this is so I can keep 2x Safeguard in the deck.

Verduran Force is a must for this deck when it needs a powerful creature now. I tried Thyrian Golems but they’re land requirement made it difficult.

Wild Avenger is the last star of this deck capable of buffing it’s self by how many times the player’s god was attacked. It’s taunt and dash 2 decides whether the player is defending or going on the offensive. It has synergy with the god heals by allowing the god to take damage that it can fix. Seeing HellFire or a Grim Guard hit the Avenger is a funny sight as it heals itself through the chaos.

Collectors: Hunted Outlaw, Living Willow, Ancient Beastmaster, Voice of Truth
Threats: Ruunin’s Messenger, Verduran Force, Wild Avenger, Feral Kodama

Events/structures: 9

Collectors: 10

Threats: 11

Feel free to change the deck and experiment. I want see the results because maybe that will be a improvement. That could help me out too. :slight_smile:
I’m not a pro at this game after all.

Good Luck, have fun experimenting with this deck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Land type(s): Neutral, Forest
Faeria cost: 4
Difficulty: Intermediate

2x OAKLING (2f 5F)

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Great writeup @ArchSight!

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