Green Legendary Guide

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A brief video overview of each of the five green legendary cards. This is meant to teach new players about each card without ranking them. Hope it helps!

I enjoyed the video. I would say your assessment of the cards are pretty accurate. Runin is a very powerful threat for any green deck while the other legendaries are inconsistent. They have a mix of high land requirements, high faeria costs, and low initial board impact. The board impact and faeria costs became more important with the keyword swallow in the oversky expansion. its cheap neutral soft removal for every class which has its ups and downs, but it pushes cards like tarum out of play because cystal flowering an enemy taurum will win you the game most of the time. I would suggest red or blue for the next video. They have the most interesting and powerful legionaries. I want thoughts on why baeru the first wave isnt played more.

Thanks very much! I appreciate your feedback. I’m planning red next, so if you have any specific red legend thoughts, feel free to PM me on Discord. I totally agree on Baeru, since (at face value) I’ve always thought it seemed strong. And whenever I encounter it, it totally wrecks me because it removes my colored lands and I can’t play any threats. Now I just need to save up a bit and craft it!