Green/Red Structure Ft. Architect

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Green/Red Structures ft. Architect

This deck takes advantage of the improvement to activate structures by using architect, which gives us an excuse to run Faeria Tree to get a crazy amount of value. The deck is very fun to play and competitive at the highest level.


My thought process with the mulligan phase. Could be wrong in some places but I think it makes sense.

Tier 1: (Always keep)

Structures: [Card=157]Faeria Tree[/Card]

Creatures: [Card=170]Wood Elemental[/Card], [Card=202]Seifer[/Card], [Card=205]Axe Grinder[/Card]

Tier 2: (Keep if you have [card])

[Card=196]Architect[/Card] [ Faeria Tree ]

[Card=237]Groundshaker[/Card], [Card=225]Flame Burst[/Card], [Card=232]Garudan[/Card], [Card=4]Syland Horsemaster[/Card] [ Any Tier 1 Creature ]

[Card=235]Derelict Tower[/Card] [ Any Red Tier 1 Creature ]

[Card=175]Elderwood Embrace[/Card] [*At least two Tier 1 or 2 creatures *]

Tier 3: (Always throw)

[Card=314]Warstorm Champion[/Card]

[Card=172]Overgrown Tower[/Card]

Land Development

Always start to the side, never in front of the orb. In general you want to start with a mountain to give you access to your removal on turn 2. The exception is if you have [Card=157]Faeria Tree[/Card] in hand, you always want to play it or [Card=170]Wood Elemental[/Card] as player 2. If you have [Card=170]Wood Elemental[/Card] and you are player one, make mountain on turn 1 and Forest on Turn 2.


With a strong hand, you want your creatures on the same side of the board as your opponent and use your removal on their collectors on the other side of the board. If you can spare a creature to collect away from the action always do so.

You want to start off defensively and look for an opportunity to swing the tempo, turning your defense into attack with either [Card=4]Syland Horsemaster[/Card] or [Card=314]Warstorm Champion[/Card]'s dash. It should be very easy to outvalue the opponent, especially if we get Faeria Tree to proc.