Grovecaller Bug

Another bug encountered that cost me the game.
You need to be able to cancel the teleport gift from grovecaller. I put one down next to opponents orb but didn’t want to use the teleport as I already had the colossus infront of the orb, so I waited till the time ran out because you can’t right click to cancel it like you can with some other gifts. On the next turn I was unable to click the collossus, so I put another grovecaller down to try and move it but I still couldn’t click it, then the time ran out again. On the next turn I couldn’t click on the collosus or the first grovecaller and also 2 of my cards were unclickable. So I was left with no actions that I could do.
Here’s a screenshot showing unclickable Collossus.

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This isn’t a bug this is how the card works. If you place a Grovecaller and there’s no other creature on the board then the gift effect fizzles. If you place it and there is another creature then you HAVE to teleport it whether you want to or not. The gift text doesn’t say “may teleport”. You’ve got to plan around this when using Grovecallers.

Not being able to select the Colossus on subsequent turns with another Grovecaller does seem like a bug, however.

It is how the card works indeed ^^

But to be consistent with all cards with an activable gift, I agree Sagami Grovecaller’s gift should be cancelable too : cards’ gift saying for exemple “give +0/+4 to another creature” are cancelable (though it is not written “may give +0/+4…”).

So canceling activable gifts should always be allowed, or never, or specificaly as said by the wording of the effects, but not a chaotic (that is to say not understandable logicaly) combination of these 3 options ^^

I know that’s how the card works. I wasn’t saying the card is bugged. All gifts should be cancelable though as this is the result when you can’t and don’t use it. All my creatures were unclickable and 2 of my cards. I just spoke to the guy that I played and he couldn’t click my creatures either!

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No problem ^^ Your point seems perfectly clear !

Firstly you were fooled (like any of us could have been) by the behaviour of activable gifts, which are usually cancelable, but not in the case of Sagami Grovecaller (without any logical reason). For consistency, his gift should be cancelable like all other activable gifts.

Secondly, you encountered a bug with your Colossus.

I’m sure dev’s will find a solution to fix that ^^ :yak:

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