Growing the Faeria Wiki

Hi everyone! I want to talk about the Faeria Wiki. Currently the wiki needs a lot of work. There are outdated images using the old hud, most of the patch notes are missing, none of the monthly cups and their results are recorded, and none of the new content is documented. I am also the only one maintaining the Wiki which slows down how fast things get updated. The Wiki spans 2,712 Pages and 844 articles. There is no way I can do it on my own so I’m asking y’all for help. If you are looking for other ways to enjoy Faeria this is one way you can. I would suggest creating accounts so you don’t accidentally get pinged by the spambot, but it is entirely possible to edit content without being logged in.

I’ve created some projects with very brief descriptions on the types of pages that need to be created. Look for them here . This is in no way all encompassing and if you have any ideas on what else needs to be done please share. If you have never edited a wiki before and want to learn how look at this page. If you want to do more stuff in the background related to styling guides, templates, and over all just want to help develop the Faeria wiki’s unique style, drop by my user page and leave a comment. If a more experienced editor would like to take the initiative on one of the projects and help develop and guide it, please notify me as well. Thanks everyone, and thanks to all who have contributed so far. These things require a lot of wonderful volunteers to make happen. Oh and did I mention you get free internet points and achievements!? Who says editing Wikis isn’t fun.


Is it possible to write a script to build the standard content (eg card lists) from a card info database or something? Does Abrakam have something like that?

It is possible, but I’m not sure where to source that information other than the deckbuilder website. I’m not sure it’s necessary though (at least in the beginning). From what I have seen only a few cards are actually missing and it wouldn’t take long to manually update them. I’m still trying to figure out the system that was set in place by the old contributors though. There is very little documentation on the templates.

I did edit the wiki once haha, I cleaned up some grammatical errors in the lore section a long time ago.
I was aware the wiki was community run, but not by just one person! If I were you I would try and enlist the help of Tidwell from the Faeria discord, he’s the one who runs yakbot and as such might be able to at least help with keeping the card database current.
Personally I might help but it’s a rather daunting task. And I’m not sure how or if I’d like to help yet :3
Regardless of my laziness it’s surely a worthy cause.

As a sidenote I do think it’s kind of hard to find what you’re looking for on the Faeria wiki, I’m not sure why but if I don’t go to the lore section directly from google(rather than from the homepage of the wiki) I can’t find it at all!
Maybe I’m at fault in that case though.

There was an editor by the name of Networkjanitor who developed a script that would automatically update the WIki with card information. However, he has not been active since December. If you could get in contact with him it’s possible he could share his process.

Uh, hiya o/

Just found this thread. I do not play faeria anymore and I do not have the time to maintain or run the bot anymore. But if you are interested in the code of the wikibot I used: (soon to be available only at and not on github anymore)

If I recall correctly there is still one or two bugs which require manual fixing in the wiki (read github issue).

The faeria card database is probably still this one: - and at least when I used to work on the bot the format of the database changed from time to time w/o indication. Update cycle also wasn’t synchonized with the patch cycle. Maybe this has changed by now, no idea.

If you want to know anything else: contact me (=> write issues) on github or gitlab.

Can I have a question? I can’t seem to find the cards that can be summoned or acquired through other means only during a match (by which I mean that they can’t be used for deckbuilding; I’m talking about cards such as Frog, Explore, Angry Yak, Ostregoth, Shard of Pandora etc.) in the said database.

Can these be found somewhere else in the same format, size and quality?

The ID values of the cards I used as an example (I’m not sure if there are more of these “unobtainable” cards in the game) should be 318, 323, 324, 328 and 400, respectively.