Guide to crafting

I recommend you start out by finding a deck you’ll enjoy playing for a long time. Craft all the important cards for it, then use it as the main deck you play as you work towards collecting cards for other decks.

Only craft commons if you need them to finish a deck. You’ll get all 3s of them pretty fast.

Rares are only a bit harder to collect. You’ll eventually get all 3s of them, so you don’t need to craft too many of them.

Epics are the most important cards to craft. They’re much rarer than the previous two and you need 3 of many of them. Craft a lot of these, starting from the ones that are used in the decks you’d like to play the most.

A lot of legendaries in the game are pretty weak. They also appear quite frequently and will likely be easier to finish than your epics collection. You should only craft the most important ones.

Disenchanting commons and rares probably isn’t worth it, since you get little memoria from them. Epics and legendaries give much more, so disenchant the ones you’d never use. You should also disenchant all your extras using the button in the bottom right corner, since the extra cards aren’t useful for anything.

If you don’t care about collecting mythic cards, you should disenchant all of your mythic cards that you have regular replacements for. You get a lot of memoria out of mythics, and the borders are the only difference between them.

I’ll list all the epics and legendaries roughly in the order of most useful to least useful, to help you decide what to craft and disenchant. You can use your browser’s find function to find a specific card.

I recommend crafting the following:

Garudan, Heart of The Mountain:

The best board clear in the game, combined with a great creature. If your opponent has many 3 health or less creatures on the board, you can win games by playing Garudan. It also only costs 2 mountains, which makes it easy to splash it into many decks.

Aurora, Myth Maker:

A very strong legendary that fits in almost all decks that use blue. It allows you to make great trades by buffing the stats of many creatures by up to +5/+5. You can use Unbound Evolution on Aurora afterwards to turn it into a strong creature.

Khalim, Sky Guardian:

A great overall creature that fits into almost all decks with yellow in them. It’s a hard to kill double faeria collector and an efficient way to attack your opponent’s orb.


Accelerates your land development a lot. An important card for any wish decks. It’s also very useful for any decks that use green and require a lot of lands.

Three Wishes:

A very interesting card that allows you to play a lot of different decks. If you ever want to play wish decks, you need 3 of these. 3 Earthcrafts are also recommended, but you can replace them with elementals. It’s a fun and strong archetype. These are great cards to craft if it’s something you want to play.

Unbound Evolution:

A very strong and versatile card. It can be used to silence your opponent’s dangerous creature, or to transform your own currently useless creature into a better one. A hard card to use, but a very important one.

Royal Judge:

A very versatile card that gives you one of two commonly useful events for free. An important card for many control and event decks. Especially useful in blue, since it works well with Unbound Evolution.


Good removal damage combined with good stats. A strong overall card. Useful in many decks.

Flame Burst:

Simple, yet strong. It can be used as a removal tool or to finish your opponent off. A must have for burn decks.

Mirror Phantasm:

Allows you to buff your own weak creatures into a serious threats. It can also be used to silence even stronger creatures your opponent played. Very important card for mono blue deck.

Bomb Slinger:

A very valuable card. The damage can be used to remove a creature and leave a decent creature of your own on the board. Excellent in both red control and aggro decks.

Baeru, the First Wave:

Has great stats. The production effect slows your opponent down if you use it to transform their colored lands into ones they don’t use. Less important than Aurora, but a great card to have if you play a lot of mono blue.

Khalim’s Prayer:

A must have for yellow rush decks. It allows you to get a good amount of free extra faeria. Also used in some yellow archer decks.

King’s Faithful:

A creature that’s hard to kill efficiently. It’s used as an early creature for rush decks. A great card if you like playing aggressive decks.

Windborne Champion:

A must have card in yellow control and flier decks. It has one of the most efficient stats of all yellow creatures along with an extremely versatile gift. The decks it’s used in aren’t popular right now, but it’s still a strong card.

Soul Eater:

The win condition of green yellow sacrifice. Essential if you want to play that archetype. It becomes extremely strong if you have time to sacrifice many creatures.

Aurora’s Creation:

A card that has lots of uses. Used in many mono blue decks, some wish and dream decks. It can be used to get more copies of your own creatures, or to get a copy of a creature your opponent played.


A great board clear. It’s situational, but wins you games sometimes. 1 or 2 copies is enough. You can play it instead of or in addition to Garudan.

Choking Sand:

A situational card, but strong if many people are playing cards that it can be used on. Good card to have 1 copy of.

Tethra, Soul of the Wild:

Has a good body. The gift effect allows you to give a great buff to a creature, allowing you to make a good trade or to get some extra damage to finish your opponent off. It’s less important than the previous legendaries, but nice to have if you like green.

Flowersilk Faerie:

One of the best faeria collectors in the game. It’s a bit hard to use since you’ll always want to trigger its ability. You need to have a lot of events in the deck, so it consistently triggers. It’s a strong card if you use it well.

Ruunin’s Command:

The best healing card in the game. Healing is only occasionally useful, but it doubles as a good buff card as well.

Ruunin’s Shrine:

Allows you to make efficient trades in mono green decks. It’s situational, but can win you games. 1 or 2 is enough.

Ruunin’s Messenger:

A great card for aggressive green decks. Somewhat useful in other green decks too, due to its mobility.

Scourgeflame Specter:

Allows you to deal unavoidable damage to the opponent’s orb, kill an opponent’s creature and gather faeria all in one turn. A strong card in burn decks. It’s slow, so it’s not always worth using. Still, you should keep it if you want to play burn.

Cards that you could craft or disenchant, depending on what kind of decks you want to focus on:

Outcast Tower:

Used in rush decks that don’t collect faeria to deny your opponent resources. Useful in red and green rushes, but not needed to play them.

Apex Predator:

This used to be one of the strongest cards in the game, before it was nerfed. Owning 3 of these allows you to play Apex decks. The archetype isn’t popular right now, but it’s still decent.

Aurora’s Dream:

The strongest card in the game if you get to play it. Storing 24 faeria while having this card in your hand is hard, though. Definitely keep it if you’re interested in playing dream decks, but it’s not a strong archetype. It’s very fun, though.

Shaytan Assassin:

A good removal tool for sacrifice decks. A bit situational, since some decks can easily kill it even with the protection. Still, it can allow you to remove big threats cheaply.

Oradrim Sagittarius:

Useful in decks that attack the orb a lot. Can be used in yellow rush and yellow archers. Note that you get faeria from any creature that attacks the orb, not only Sagittarius. It slows you down a bit if you use it in rush, since you need to make an extra desert. It’s not very important overall, but it can provide a lot of faeria in some matches, and its attacks buff Zealous Crusader too.

Ruunin, the Relentless:

It’s overcosted when you first play it, but it’s strong in long matches. Weak against blue, as they can easily transform it. It’s a good card sometimes, but not useful in every match.

Wind Gate:

Allows for easier positioning in yellow rush decks. Not necessary, but it can make your life easier.

Yak Attack:

A niche card, but it’s sometimes used in mono blue. Possibly worth keeping, but it’s not used much.

Daring Adventurer:

An underrated card, which is strong if used at the right time. There’s a good time to use them at least once in most matches. Most useful in green rush, but can be played elsewhere too.

Eredon, Voice of All:

Strong if you trigger its ability early. Unfortunately, it’s often hard to do that. Quite useful in sacrifice decks.

Gabrian Cistern:

Gives you a lot of faeria if it sticks to the board, but it’s quite slow. Windfall is usually used instead, but the Cistern is pretty good too.

Magda, Queen of Meroval:

Can be very strong if you get to play her early. If you play her late, she’ll likely get killed too fast. The ability is very random, so there’s a chance she’ll only give you useless cards. Fun card, but rarely used in serious decks.

Faeria Tree:

Gives you a lot of faeria if it triggers, but it’s very matchup dependant. Burn and rush can easily destroy it. It’s unreliable, but occasionally wins you games. 1 or 2 copies is enough.


Hard to use, but great if you can get it in place to collect. Bad against rush, since you won’t have enough time to move it there. Sometimes works, but it’s unreliable.

Gemsilk Faerie:

Not a popular card, but it’s actually pretty decent. It’s weak against Garudan and Firestorm, but it otherwise has good stats for its cost. Just be sure to play it in decks that have an easy time activating its ability, as it’s not worth using without it.

Icerock Behemoth:

Nice if your opponent doesn’t have hard removal, but most decks have that. It tends to cost too much for the benefit you get out of it, but it’s not too bad. Since it’s situational, 1 or 2 copies should be enough.

I recommend disenchanting these, if you want memoria for better cards:

Seifer, Blood Tyrant:

Can sometimes go out of hand and win you the match. It usually doesn’t end up working out, though. It fits into a good amount of decks, but it’s not necessary for any of them.

Magnus, King of Meroval:

A decent card to use in any deck. It’s weak to hard removal, but if it sticks on the board, the 0 cost cards can be very valuable. Useful in Aurora’s Dream decks. Safe to disenchant if you won’t play dream decks.


Slightly better than Farm Boy in a sacrifice deck, but not useful anywhere else. You might want to keep it if you’ll play sacrifice, but disenchant otherwise.

Sharra, Dragonslayer:

Decent card, but only good against mono green decks. Other decks have easy ways of dealing exactly 3 damage to it, making the ability useless.

Triton Chef:

You should use Triton Banquet instead of this. Your opponent knows you have a banquet in your hand if you play this, losing you the surprise effect.

Twinsoul Spirit:

A decent card, but doesn’t synergize with any blue yellow decks. Worth keeping if you like the effect, but it’s not important.

Desert Twister:

Somewhat useful in yellow control and fliers, but it’s slow and situational. 1 copy is worth keeping.

Golden Aviary:

Only useful in yellow flier decks and not mandatory even in them. Keep 1 copy if you want to play yellow fliers.

Aurora’s Trick:

Theoretically a very strong card, but you rarely get to use it well. Some decks don’t even play 2 attack creatures, making it completely useless. You might want to keep 1 or 2 for those rare situations.


Used to counter specific decks that save up a lot of faeria. Strong against them, but they’re rarely popular and it’s not very good against anything else.

Shaytan Vampire:

Good in rush decks when playing against another rush decks. The ability isn’t useful enough in other matchups.

Bloodstone Sprite:

Pretty good, but doesn’t fit into any deck’s gameplan. Can be used as a replacement for other cards, but isn’t ideal for any deck.

Tarum, The Forest World:

Fun card, but very slow. It has an interesting effect, but it takes too long to activate it. Best used with Feed the Forest so your opponent doesn’t have time to prepare for it. The last words can win you games, but you’re usually better off just playing creatures normally instead of trying to save faeria for Tarum.

Tiki Totem:

A very rarely used card. It’s a bit slow, but it’s good if you play it early. Decent card, but not important at all.

Ignus, the First Flame:

The ability would be nice if it didn’t require you to pick a selection from the power wheel that you often shouldn’t pick. Ignus isn’t too bad, but the ability is really inconvenient.

Baron Thulgar:

A very risky card, as it can help your opponent more than you. Good in Aurora’s Dream decks if you’re okay with that. Otherwise, it’s too risky to use.

Crumbling Golem:

It’s okay, but it doesn’t fit into any deck well. Bad against any decks with cheap creatures.

Tale of the Old Turtle:

Only good if all 3 cards you draw are creatures. 1 copy is good in decks that are almost entirely creatures.

Azarai, Wrath of the Desert:

The gift doesn’t help enough to warrant the cost. If your opponent can’t kill it next turn, it can win you the match. But it’s not hard to kill, so it’ll likely die before you get to utilize the extra attack.

Cannon Carrier:

Very gimmicky and overpriced. 1 can be used as a surprise effect, but more than that should be too much.

Iona, Beloved By All:

Only good against mono green. Other decks can kill it too easily.

Flamesilk Faerie:

It dies too easily and isn’t strong enough to compensate for that.

Siege Engine:

Costs too much. If your opponent doesn’t have removal, it can be strong. But it’s not worth using overall.

Day of the Dragons:

Way overpriced for what you get. It’s good in Aurora’s Dream decks if have it in your hand when you use dream. Fun card, but rarely worth playing.

Imperial Engineer:

A fun card, but far too situational. The combos it allows aren’t strong enough to warrant seriously using it.

Sunsilk Faerie:

Too easy to kill and the payoff isn’t worth it even if it lives.

Altar of Souls:

Works in sacrifice decks, but not very good even in them.

Egg of Wonders:

Purely a for fun card. You need to build your deck around this, or it’ll turn into bad creatures too often.

Kobold Barracks:

Okay card, but doesn’t really fit into any decks.

Possessed Ursus:

Sounds better than it actually is. It tends to die before you get to use the high attack well.

Fortune Hunter:

If it survives, it can provide a lot of value. But a 1 health creature is very easy to kill, so it’ll likely die fast.


A fun card, but very slow and costs too much. Unless your opponent bunched up all their creatures and lands next to each other, you won’t get enough value out of it to make it worth playing. Worth keeping if you want to play it for fun.

Warstorm Champion:

Far too slow. The ability is hard to utilize well, since it requires you to have creatures on the board.

Voice of Hunger:

Too risky to use. If it gets removed via hard removal, it’ll most likely lose you the match.


The ability isn’t really useful for anything. Might be good if expansions introduce better structures, but not worth using now.

Ruunin’s Presence:

Costs too much and is too slow. If your opponent removes the card it gives you with hard removal, it sets you back in terms of faeria a lot. It’s very rarely worth using.

Krog, the Ogre King:

Way overpriced. If your opponent uses hard removal on it, it puts you at a big disadvantage. If it sticks on the board, the cost reductions can pay it off eventually. You shouldn’t use it though, it’s very unlikely to work.

Doomgate, Door to Oblivion:

Extremely gimmicky. It’s fun and sometimes works, but it’s too easy to play around. It’ll lose you the match more often than it’ll win it.

Orosei, Dream of the Deep:

Often transforms your creatures into worse ones, causing you to lose a match. Can be played for fun, but far too risky otherwise.

Unlikely Hero:

Only useful if its ability triggers and that’s unlikely to happen.

Hunted Outlaw:

Decent stats for the cost, but the last words help your opponent too much. Only good for gimmicky mill decks.

Weeping Idol:

Only useful against burn decks. You don’t want to have a card that’s only useful against one possible deck you’ll play against.

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@Reath Are you ever going to update guide and add rares / commons too?

Khalim, Sky Guardian DOES NOT EXIST. please help. I wanted to craft a sand but sky guardian does not exist.

I believe they meant Khalim, Sky Prodigy.

Great guide, but please update it!

Here’s a list of cards that had their names changed:

Khalim Sky Guardian = Khalim Sky Prodigy
Unbound Evolution = Failed Experiment
Ruunin’s Command = Ruunin’s Guidance
Outcast Tower = Imperial Drain

There’s also one card, Warstorm Champion, that not only had its name changed to Crackthorn Beast, but even has different art now! The only thing that remains is the ability…

Note to the devs: please find a way to clearly mark threads where the opening post is more than 3 months old. This particular one is 8 months old!

Interesting about Seifer. I’m rather new to the game (having migrated from Hearthstone), and every other source I’ve seen says Seifer is a must craft.

Seifer is still one of the best legendaries, but no legendary is a must have in Faeria. Except may be Aurora for mono-blue. The legendary are nice additions but usually don’t win or lose games by themselves.


Sure I get that. Hearthstone is pretty much the same way. What I mean is that other sources would NOT put Seifer in a “I recommend disenchanting these” category. For example, this legendary tier list obviously values him more than that: Legendary Tierlist.

You also must disagree with putting Seifer in that category if he is, as you claim, “one of the best legendaries.”

Sorry, didn’t notice that the disenchant part. This list was written nearly a year ago, there has been many new cards and changes since then so probably not the best reference now. If you are looking for crafting guide, may be try this:

It’s also a bit old and doesn’t include some new cards since April. My advice would be to craft Epics only for efficiency. If you want to be competitive right away then crafting the best legendaries are good too.

For that Legendary Tier List, Ruunin has gone from one of the worst to one of the best. Aurora, Khalim, Seifer and Garudan remain the best ones too.

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Much appreciated on the guide.

I’ve gotten lucky then because in the little time I’ve played with a minimum investment I already have Aurora, Khalim, Seifer, Garudan and a few likely not so good ones. I do have my eye on crafting Epics, which was also crucial to Hearthstone as well (along with a few of the strongest legendaries).

After playing HS daily for a few years and testing out some of the other ‘card only’ ccgs like Eternal and TES: Legends, Faeria’s inclusion of a tactical board really gives the game a level of tactics missing in those others.

Thanks again.

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Welcome. Glad you like Faeria. :slight_smile:

There is a live community on Discord so if you need help with reroll or decks or other stuff, that’s the best place to ask. Reddit has a good number of active players too.

Yes, it’s quickly become my ‘go to’ game. Thanks for the info. I’ve also watched some Youtube vids on the Play Faeria channel.

That’s actually the old Faeria channel.

The new and updated is just Faeria.

Deck Doctors and Pilots are great for learning the game.

luuu90’s channel is great too.

Good to know…don’t want to use outdated sources!