Guide to Graveyard Deck

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Land Strategy

  • Regardless of what the other player does - and I mean this - the goal is to build land only along two (2) columns of hexagons - the last two (2) before the rightmost column (the two [2] between the wells).
  • Use only green and yellow, and if you can, keep the green near your closest well.
  • The order of green or yellow is up to you; make decisions depending upon what you draw. However, know that there are ZERO (0) yellow creatures in this deck (except Soul Eater, which is green and yellow), so if you want to collect faeria from wells, anticipate placing green creatures down.
    Use this strategy until you have at least three (3) green and three (3) yellow lands.-

Playing Strategy

Cards are pretty cheap, so the only faeria you should make sure to collect is the lower right well (where you are building the land).

If You Draw a Bone Collector Early On

  • The idea is to place land and creatures so that the Bone Collector stays next to the lower right well, and the other creatures surround the Bone Collector.
  • Once you arrange a few creatures in front of the Bone Collector, build land and march the whole complex forward. That way, if any get killed, the Bone Collector grows.
  • Keep placing or moving other creatures in front of the Bone Collector to keep it growing.
  • Once it is huge and you have an opening, hopefully you have a Khalims Training and you can make the Bone Collector fly and come in for the attack on the orb.

If You Do Not Draw a Bone Collector Early On

  • One way to play it is if you get the Possessed Ursus and the Voice of Hunger, you can place the Ursus and then eat it by placing the Voice of Hunger next to it. Then, use Khalims Training to make the buffed Voice fly in for the attack on the orb.
  • If you do not get those, choose one of the bigger creatures that come out early (such as Wood Elemental or Spirit of Rebirth) and buff it whenever you play Tiki Caregiver or Ruunin’s Guidance. Then, when it’s big enough, use Khalims Training on it, fly in and attack the orb.
  • Also, sometimes you just get lucky with one of the Ruunin’s Presence’s and you get a big, cheap green creature. Place it on the closest forest to the opponent, use Khalims Training on it, and fly in and attack.