Guys, please help me with this maths!

First things first, I struggled deciding which category posting this, 'cause while there is some personal opinion and feedback about the new leveling up sistem, there is either some doubts if the changes are good or not.

So lets get it started, fist of all i think the minimum memoria worth of a pack is waaaay higher than a common card, and at the first sight seems prety unfair having to choose on of these over earning a booster. But later, thinking with my buttons(wondering :grimacing:), at some levels we can choose between epics and legend cards, which i think are the levels that we previously granted lots of gold. And because i’m level 22 still, i don’t know exactly the drop frequency of epics and legends.

That said, does the legendary and epic ratio mathematically compensate the loss of free boosters/gold and the (soul crushing) common card earning? If doesn’t, i think they may stablish a minimum rarity for the leveling up cards(Rares for that regard)

If it helps you, here’s my stats : gained 1 level, earned a legendary. 100% Legendary seems like a nice ratio to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t tell you without knowing the ratios. From what I’ve seen it seems random and not fixed per level. Dunno whether you have higher chances for epics and legends on higher levels though.
Mine are Common -> Rare -> Rare -> Common -> Common so far :frowning:
Other’s I heard from got more epics though.

MINDBLOWING! :open_mouth: hahaha. From what you guys are saying… maybe nobody really knows the actual odds of all these stuff.
I wish the devs were more clear about the mechanics they implement :pensive:

I’ve got one common and one legendary so far, from the last two levels… so, 'till now I’m in a good spot. But I’m afraid that lasts not much longer.

It’s hard to tell, but it would be nice if level-up rewards were less random. For example every 10 levels can be epic and every 25 can be legendary, it seems kinda fair, what do you think?


Yes and every 2nd level should be at least rare or better. Getting commons (or 10 gold) for a levelup doesn’t feel really rewarding.