Hammer of Auoros Pandora Treasure BROKEN

Look I’m sorry guys but this card is completely broken. 3 Damage to anyone anywhere on the board for 3 faeria? For starters it just puts you on a clock. You can be completely destroying on the board and when this card gets drawn it is an instant lose. 80% of the games I’ve played with this card just become silly. At least make it 6 faeria to cast or something so it is the only thing you can cast that turn.

This card guarantees if you play control you will lose. And if you play rush and don’t completely dominate you still lose because they can pick off any of your creatures anywhere on the board for 3 faeria every turn.

Honestly Pandora mode is just unplayable in my opinion right now.

I liked the idea of a tactical card game, and this just completely removes any benefit of a strategy. Jesus at least in another game I won’t mention you had 30 life and the smork could only do 2 per round. The fact that on a clear enemy board you still have to walk your pieces one square per turn toward their face guarantees a loss. This isn’t fun at all. Sorry guys, I want to like this game but too many game-breaking cards.

While i agree that hammer of auroros is currently a little bit overtuned, i think that nerfing it to 6 mana would make that card too bad. Instead i would give hammer of auroros an increasing cost for every time you cast it. So the first hammer costs 3, the second 4, the third 5 and so on and so for. That means after 5 casts it becomes 7 faeri and you cant use it anymore without loosing faeri. This would keep the card effeciently costed for the first few casts but would make the card increasingly difficult too cast every turn instead of making it completely unplayable by nerfing it to 6 faeri.


Totally agree that Hammer of Auoros is strong but i don’t think it makes Pandora unplayable. Chidoris idea is actually pretty good. I would like to see that change.

Yes but cap it to 7 or 8 max, a 9 Faeria 3 damage is… heh…

Actually, the only thing making Hammer of Aoros worth a treasure is that you can play it every turn.
The effect (3 damage for 3 faeria) is Flame Burst - a normal card. Compared to other treasures this is neither an “instant” loss, nor completely broken. Take Dark Crystal for instance: you get 3 damage to every enemy at once + 4 life drain from your opponent plus 2 cards at the cost of just 7 faeria. How many times do you have to play hammer to achieve even a fraction of that? Or Flameburst ruby - 3 damage to everything for 1 faeria or, well, a one-time hammer of aoros / flame burst for 1 faeria. There’s nothing broken compared to other powerful treasures.

On the other hand, you’re right that the threat of constant 3 damage each turn is like a ticking clock. Then again, Pandora opening is intended to be a sudden death. Sometimes, it opens too fast, though. But that’s another story.

“Sudden Death” on turn 6 is a bit ridiculous. I’ve seen it happen. The hammer is a 7 turn clock if you are at full. If your opponent simply places his land right you might not even be able to get to him before he kills you with just the Hammer. If you are playing Red and your opponent wants board control? Most of your minions (which cost much more than 3) will die to 3 damage. You can’t ‘protect’ any of your minions with good strategy. Flamethrower? Pointless. Might as well toss it out of your deck, you’d be better off.

The dark Crystal is nice, but you only get that effect once. Your opponent can get back on the board after. With the hammer? Nope. Everything you play dies unless you are playing green and then he just goes face. I’ve had it in my decks. Mediocre decks with the hammer makes 90% of your games completely one sided. So if you get green locked you will lose to the hammer 90% of the time.

I really like the strategy and positioning in this game. I’m fine with you being able to strategically remove my minions so long as it costs you a card to do it, and you don’t get to do it every turn. Let’s be honest, once the “pandora” phase starts you get completely mana hosed. What is it 4 per turn or something? That means hammer every turn and occasionally something else. You don’t even have to “save up” to use it, which happens with the higher cost cards and often it isn’t feasible with the board state. Some great cards can end up dead in your hand because the game is close.

Not the hammer. It’s an auto use every turn, guaranteed. Name a 3 cost card you would ever use before it? Sorry guys, it’s completely broken.

If it had an ascending cost, that might work, but at least start with 4. And I’m sorry I don’t think it should have a limit. Removal in pandora is premium. Having limitless removal is just too powerful. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.

Well, I agree with you on that point. But it doesn’t happen very often and it’s certainly not a problem about the hammer, but of treasures appearing/pandora opening too fast. Other treasures may snowball the game out of control as well, just in another way than “deal 3 damage for a fair amount of faeria/turn”.

You talk like you could use the hammer inifinite times per turn (on minions) and without cost as well.
If your opponent kills a minion with the hammer on one turn, he payed 3 faeria to do so plus you didn’t receive any orb damage that turn (from the hammer, that is). As long as he hits your orb with it (the 7 turn clock) he doesn’t hit any creature, enabling you to make a move, as you basically just gained an advantage of 3 faeria/turn.
If he targeted a creature with only 1 or 2 life, chances are he payed more faeria for the hammer, than you did for your creature. If you play creatures with 4+ life, he needs hammer + something else to clear them.

It’s not like those options are for green only. Blue has plenty of creatures with 4+ life. Red has cheap creatures with 4+ life. If you play angry red, for instance, you probably have some hate seeds that probably won’t cost more than 1 or 2 faeria by the time hammer comes into play. There might be Firebringers with 4+ life (probably more, if your draft wasn’t that horrible). Shedim Pest, Axegrinder (next to a well in that case).

I’m sorry, but if you flat out lose to hammer because anything of your deck dies to a 3 damage event, you should alter your draft. Or your deck is superior to many other decks, in which case hammer is just your counter.

I would draft Dark Crystal over Hammer every single time. Sure, the opponent can get back after Crystal, but that takes plenty of time and faeria. If the board wasn’t completely in his favour before Crystal, it is certainly in my favour afterwards. And that should give me enough time to make a move. If I play Crystal, I’ll do so to clear at least two creatures. And I still deal 4 damage to the orb, heal up to 4 life (if I lost anything yet) and draw two cards. The damage component alone would take the hammer at least 3 turns and 9 faeria (2x creature, 1x orb and that’s still 1 damage less). So I’m 2 faeria (and two cards) ahead already in the same turn. If I damage/kill a third and fourth creature, that’d be five turns for the hammer (and 15 faeria). That’s not even comparable.

Even if my deck’s strategy is pure burn, I’d probably take crystal (which is 4 damage burn) over Hammer, because it instantly clears all of my opponent’s low health creatures and gives me time to breathe. Hammer can’t do that. With Hammer I’d have to choose to either burn his orb or kill a single creature per turn. That’s way too slow in many situations. Hammer may help me to get the last 6 or sometimes even 9 damage of burn. But anything beyond that and I need to become pretty creative on how to deal with my opponent’s incoming creatures for 3 turns I didn’t do anyhing, but to burn his orb.

If you are only able to play one creature per turn (pandora opening gives you 6 faeria/turn) and all of those creatures die to a 3 damage event, then you either had a horrible draft or your drafting strategy walked deliberately right into the hammer. With 6 faeria per turn, you either play 2 creatures with 3- life or at east one with 4+ life.
If you just can’t reach your opponent in time, consider to either build lands more aggressively in the first place or draft some cards that enable you to do so. Like Elementals and haste creatures (if you play a combination of red/yellow).
Also, the first time you see the hammer, you’re prepared and know you should go aggressive asap.

Making the hammer cost even one more would make it pretty much unplayable. It already has the cost of a normal card event (Flameburst). That’s bad for a treasure. So the reusability is pretty much all it has. It’s basically like Ruunin in form of an event. Many other treasure have an immediate and huge impact on the board. The hammer needs two, three, four turns to achieve that. And you can see it coming.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I don’t think hammer is a bad card. It’s not, but it is surpassed by a considerable amount of other treasures and by no means op. It just makes its opponent to adjust is playstyle, which, apparently, many people refuse to do.
In Faeria, faeria advantage is in most situations more important than card advantage. And Hammer is one of the few treasures that doesn’t give you faeria advantage (compared to normal cards) at all.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here again because it’s on topic…

Hammer isn’t overpowered. Hammer should be redesigned.

…The problem with hammer isn’t that it is too strong. When compared to the other treasures, its costed correctly to be fair relative to what else is available. It isn’t the best treasure or worst treasure, it is just a good one.

The problem with hammer is that it is repetitive and unfun. Make no mistake, being unfun is a far bigger sin for a card to commit than being over or under powered.

Pandora unplayable this moment in case of this imbalanced Hammer. Make Gods immune to this hammer and this solves this problem. Ticking sudden death every game is annoying and making me think to uninstall this game.

Level 30 and now 252 rank in Legend, so i was spent much time to understand whats going on in this game.

I take it you also think Ruunin is overpowered as well? Hammer isn’t overpowered. Its good, but its not even close to being the best treasure.

That said, hammer should be redesigned. It’s not fun to play with or against.

Taiyodori already pointed it all out. The devs want the game to end fast at some point (that’s what pandora is all about).

However, why not just up the cost by 1, so that you can’t play the hammer so easily anymore. The problem right now is, that you would still have 3 faeria left to cast something else, not so much with only 2 faeria left.