Harvester order rule seems obscure. An idea to improve it

When multiple units are near a faeria node, the rule for who collects is something like left-to-right, then top-to-bottom (or maybe the other way round). I think it’s on one of the hints.

To me this seems arbitrary, asymmetric, and unexpected.

My idea is to decide based on:

  1. If the unit has special collection abilities (fortune hunter, luduan, etc) it gets priority.
  • If still undecided, the newest unit gets it.

No two units are equally old, so no more steps are needed.

Huh, I guess I never really thought about this scenario. Especially if you have a creature that you want to harvest for their effect.

Yeah, I got Luduan from Spellwhirl and an Imperial Guard kept nicking the faeria.

On this thread there’s a screenshot of the tip:

(manually copied).

The mechanics section in this article describes when they added it.

It seems like they moved away from oldest unit, and use map location.
I think they should change this so there’s less horizontal assymetry - do top-to-bottom 1st, then middle to sides.

So I’m gonna change my suggestion a bit:

  • Special collectors still get 1st dibs.
  • Top-to-bottom.
  • Middle-to-sides.
  • Left-to-right.

Great find @Xaxazak