Haste OTK (G/Y)

Hey there,

I’m coming back to Faeria since a week or so, and I know nothing about current meta and so one. I’m currently trying to play some rankeds for fun, with a fun deck which works sometimes. I tried it several times, but not enough to give a proper feedback on the winrate (something like 6 games played and 5 won), especially as I’m not a good player (only rank 18).

I’m sharing here the decklist, to have some feedback on it and how to improve it. The deck is quite simple: playing a 20/X Wind Soldier to one-turn the opponent. However, I’m facing some choice problems (like Last Nightmare, which is too expensive for its removal options, and the Cartographer, which helps sometimes to gather faeria / use the Explore).

Still here’s the deck, so feel free to comment. Thanks in advance for your observations !


Nice to see a different approach for an OTK deck, I like your list. :slight_smile:

You have to be really careful/lucky with the Oakling/Courtjester hits. I mean, you probably want to play them as a harvester, but you need a Windsoldier (and nothing else!) in hand as a target.

I believe the Last Nightmares are pretty much needed, because you have no other choice to pierce through a defense with too many body blocks (except flash wind of course), plus it makes you survive a bit longer vs green rush etc.
I can see your faeria problems though. Do you really need the praeries from Cartographer? Otherwise you might try the new Ruunin’s Shrine, which now gives +2 faeria immediately and, as a structure, can’t be targeted by oakling/jester.

Another Feed the forest might help too.

Edit: Note that Soulpact just got nerfed within the last minutes. Playing it will now end your turn.

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Thanks for this answer !

I’m often trying to get Oaklings/Jesters in the first hand, as Windsoldiers are drawn quite often. Still, the deck is kind of an all-in: if you’re lucky enough this will work, otherwise …

The problem with the Last Nightmares is their cost, as you often need more or less 6-9 f to cast the “combo”. Still I agree with the need of a sort of removal (especially as you said against rush).

I think I could remove cartographers (also because it’s another creature, and we don’t want that much, right ?), and thanks alot for the Shrine advice, I’ll look at it. Didn’t saw this change. I was thinking also about faeria tree, the problem is that it’s way too slow for the deck, as I have nothing to protect them.

This soulpact nerf is really violent and will probably diminish the effectiveness of the deck, as it was really useful to be flexible on the timing - now I’ll need to prepare myself a turn before casting the combo, which makes it more counterable …

Hello there,

Have you ever tried Wisdom? It makes your deck less and you could draw the Wind Soldier faster. For the Faeria problem I also recommend usin Shrine that card is just awesome.

I’m gonna give this deck a go sometimes for sure.
Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for your answer,

Never thought about Wisdom, I should give it a try. What afraids me is its faeria cost, still it can save a bad start - and as it’s all about drawing, I suppose this proposal is great :wink: As it’s really a cardset based win, this makes sense (mainly, the point is to have at least some oaklings in your starting hand and draw the Soldiers as fast as possible …).

I’ll give it a try tomorrow !

Well, I played a bit with a different version of this deck, which is quite nice. Of course, it stays all-in, especially the first version I’ll be sharing here. Thanks to Doomsday, it makes the OTK easier if your opponent has too much bodies between your soldier and the victory.

Even with Doomsday, this deck stays heavily impacted by draw variance, so you can loose just by drawing too early or too late the good cards. As usual. Still, it’s a funny deck. Maybe not the more stable, but it can works pretty well. It’s either a nice win or a painful defeat, there’s no inbetween with it !

Here’s a first, pre-doomsday, version :

And here’s the new Doomsday version, which still has to be fine-tuned. The nice thing with DD is that it helps you to trigger the Oaklings. The biggest problem is to have faeria enough after DD to kill your opponent (depends on the game, but you’ll need most of the time 6-7 faeria to do so - one faeria from the wheel, and then Ruunin’s Shrine / Soul Pact if you have life enough for it). Still, it’s fun to play :

Feel free to criticize / propose / make fun of these decks !