Hellfire card is to strong and easy to use and incoporate into multi color decks

I saw a related topic talking about how hellfire is to strong because it never assigns more damage to a creature than it has HP and therefor is not “random” like it claims. I agree with this. I also think its to strong that it has such a low land cost. 9 damage, for 7 faeria which means that it can be played 2nd turn if you move second. This makes you lose to generic burn decks almost immediately after. Playing against burn is already for how rewarding it is for how little skill involved please tone it down. 7/10 of my opponents tonight used hellfire, one was even copying it with gem tortoises which i know is rng based to pull it as the next draw but being hit by 5 hellfires was not fun and does not feel like game-play. Pleast up the land cost so its harder to use in hybrid decks and isn’t playable so early. Please also make the damage distribution truly random.