Hellfire+firestorm? (also, why no mention of balance patch?)

hellfire is particularly interesting in itself, but when coupled with firestorm, seems practically a buffed doomsday device.

doomsday is perhaps only one card, and sits at 9f , whereas hellfire+firestorm together sit at 13f … but:

A) doomsday sets faeria to 0
B) doomsday also kills all of your creatures on board
C) your turn ends

…hellfire+firestorm? Only kills opposing creatures, AND can inflict major damage to opponent orb. without any drawbacks of doomsday.

SO, I mean, the rational behind the drawbacks balancing doomsday, somehow seem unfairly lacking in this 2-card combo.

I mean, there are plenty of simple dynamics that I think are unfair and unbalanced like this. I have been eagerly awaiting the current reset with hope that a balance patch might come out to iron these things out – but no word.

I’m not a great player, maybe these dynamics are only APPARENTLY unbalanced, because I am not good enough to know how or why. (like when I used to think that Y-rush was OP.) …but if that is the case… can you please sit down with your fans and explain the balance situation?

One thing to point out are the unused cards. I hate like hell the 3f cost axe grinder/windstorm charger, mythic beast and somewhat dislike that green one. I don’t understand why you would make these insanely OP cards that almost demand that they be used in every deck of that respective color.

anyways, I get that devs are sensitive or whatever about this topic, but I love the game and I really want insight into this.

I can’t answer that. Why does Barbarian Ogre cost 7f and Venduran Force costs 6f when they are both 7,7. I can’t answer that either but I’m sure the devs have their reasons.

Most decks probably only have one of each, so the chance is small that you get to use both in the same turn. You need to store 13 faeria and don’t get any creature on board with that cost, it’s giving up a lot of board control. It can work but it looks quite situational? I am not sure it’s an OP strategy…

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maybe it isn’t.

maybe it doesn’t seem so, because it’s up regularly against other unfair mechanisms, which are as simple as the insane windstorm charger.

I think its because high stats per cost and good buffing are green’s advantage in general. They have almost no options for tools like direct damage or haste, for example. The tactics that the other decks get access to work as force multipliers, that slightly raise the value of all cards, by raising the number of options. So I think it does balance out.

alright, I have to quit.

Perhaps it’s conspiratorial in nature, so that the nations don’t deal with steady GDP drops due to the computer game industry.

but anyways, the game has degraded to complete bull. I think I pretty much hate it, at this point.

Where do you encounter this combo? Godrank?

I pretty much never see it, but maybe I am too low rank, around 9 atm.
Also in Pandora you will probably never see it either, but it has far worse things to worry about.

@DavidFindley Man you are constantly complaining on the forums about everything, 95% of the stuff being completely irrational.