Help a Newb Deckbuild (Y/G Control)

The concept here is to abuse the interaction between Altar of Souls, Spirit of Rebirth, and Wild Avenger. Basically, if you’re going to lose, you’re going to do it by killing yourself. With a bunch of random discounted cards from Bloomsprite and hopefully Ruunin’s Avenger, and a bunch of discounted 6/1s from Altar of souls, you can basically almost never run out of cards, and as long as the Spirits of Rebirth stay alive, all your creature-generating (Altars, Hold the Line, Yak Attack) is worth huge buffs to whatever is in your hand.

So…and ideas on how this can be made better? (Other than the obvious: take out the useless-appendage dragons.)


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Sounds like a fun deck! I will try it out and comment later!