Help against Blue and Yellow


I’m playing a GR Crackthorn list with relative success on the ladder. I’m only really struggling against blue and yellow decks. I don’t know how I should think when playing against them. I know that blue and yellow are the direct counters to green control decks but I still feel like I should be able to do better against them then I am doing now. So I would greatly appreciate any tips or advice because I would really like to get to god rank before the end of the season and get those dope golden card backs :blush:

Crackthorn decks are known to be weak against rush but here are a few tips:
Blue and yellow have high mobility, so use a “midrange” land placement rather than a “control” one to have a chance to outpace them (Look at the Faeria Academy guide explains land placement in more detail).
If playing against rush, use “control” land placement and creatures with “dash” ability to step in front of your orb.
You could put in the Safeguard spell to give your creatures an extra attack when needed. Syland horsemaster is another good inclusion, for mobility.
If you bought the Resurgence expansion and your deck is beast-heavy, Beast Trainer is invaluable when it comes to reducing the faeria cost of creatures.

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Thanks a lot for the tips, i’m starting to find that staying competitive in rank 5-god without any of the DLC cards is considerably harder than I thought it would be :smile:

Blue Yellow swarms are not “checked” cos of lack of AOE and GR is just too clumsy against swarm.

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This is to be expected. People at rank 5-God usually like the game enough to own all the DLCs. Many of them also started playing before the B2P transition, and so got the base game for free.