Help Me! I Need Help

Hi guys, JunioBrasil here.

My game no open, but always open interface, menu, decks, but the game for play no open :confused: /

I playing from steam.

The game always hangs.

I have to wait, and only after a while does he come back.

So I always miss the first match, and only after it can I play.

This is bug?

Can you provide more information such as your operating system, the resolution you’re running in, and your system specifications?


2gb RAM.

Intel Core i3

Year 2013.

The graphic quality of the game does not get in the way of anything after the restart. So I do not change anything

I already tried to put Very Low or Very High, But I saw no difference.

Sorry for the confusing question, I’m not good at English. But I need help.

So to be clear, your game will crash every time you play your first game - but after you restart it works fine?